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Essay About Technology’s Negative Impact

How Technology Made Us Lazy

In modern society, machinery and other inventions are becoming more popular because they give ease and convenience to our lives. The availability and affordability of technological advancement has made people dive into the craze of owning new gadgets. Truly, technology has made us lazy because we rely on it too much, thus exercising memory and mental abilities less.

People are drawn to the idea of shortcuts because of their convenience, making them less productive and more dependent on these easy ways. In terms of courtship and socialization, people today tend to rely on social media platforms to interact with other people. Dating apps make people invest time to swipe profiles to search for potential partners through calls and a short chat conversation. This is troubling because the sincerity and the drive to get to know a future partner is vanishing step by step, and the meaning of love is redefined as too shallow.

According to Morey, video games and mobile games attracts children to become mentally strenuous and to have less physical activities, which hinder them in socializing and potentially ruin their eyesight. Technology has made us fat because we tend to rely on fast food chains and frozen products that only require heating in the microwave.

Technology has made us lazy because it makes us rely on gadgets. Secondly, it has made people trust and rely on the sources that the internet provides rather than the ones provided by books. It also has made people procrastinate by thinking that they can rush things through with the help of a computer and the internet. Lastly, it has made people shy by hiding their identities through social networking sites and hunting down numerous potential partners with no intention of having a serious relationship, but instead having flings and hook-up relationships only.

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Now you know how technology has made us lazy. This topic is rather contradictory. At first sight, laziness is an engine of progress. On the other hand, haven’t we gone too far? We can’t communicate, work, or study normally without gadgets. How can we find the balance between the use of technology and dependence on it? We hope that our technology essay has inspired you to find a solution.

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