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Simple Complaint Letter for Poor Service

Surely everyone at least once has been dissatisfied with the service or quality of goods they received. The surest way to complain is to send a complaint letter to the company. A letter of complaint sample for poor service can help you.

A complaint letter is a legal way to officially attract attention to your problem from law enforcement, the administration, or other responsible authorities to try and solve it. If you have never written such letters before, you need to check out the following complaint letter sample for poor customer service.

Matylda Howard
91 Aspen Street
Goldsboro, NC 27530

Customer Service
Head Office of Fresh Food Supermarket
80 Sage Street
Goldsboro, NC 28768
April 21, 2020

Dear Sir or Madam,

On April 21, 2020, at the Fresh Food supermarket located at 80 Sage Street, I bought a food product of inadequate quality: Morning Vibes cottage cheese, produced by Milkco Inc. The recent expiration date on the pack was 04/19/2020, the packaging was tight (vacuum sealed), and there was no unpleasant smell or damage to the packaging. Arriving home and opening the pack, I found that the cottage cheese was stale, smelled of mold, and contained a muddy color.

In the store, they refused to change the opened pack for a new one or to refund the money. The refusal was not explained in any way. They did not want to talk or understand my situation.

In view of the full situation, I ask you to conduct an audit and take appropriate measures for the store employees who allowed the sale of spoiled foods.

Please send a response to this letter to my address: 91 Aspen Street, Goldsboro, NC 27530, or via e-mail: matylda85@gmail.com.

I enclosed the receipt for the purchased cottage cheese.


Matylda Howard

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