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Eleanor Roosevelt Essay: The Acquisition of Women’s Rights

The fight for the acquisition of women’s rights in the twentieth century has greatly advanced. Many women fought their way in elevating women’s position in the political and economic spectrum.

Eleanor Roosevelt is one of the most prominent women whose work is known in this field. Being the First Lady of the United States (1933-1945), Eleanor Roosevelt gained a stronger position in her advocacy in the acquisition and advancement of women’s rights. Her work as a women’s rights advocate started after World War I when she attended the first gathering of the International Congress of Working Women in Washington, DC, of which the work was focused on addressing women’s labor issues (“The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers”).

After her work in Congress, Roosevelt joined the Women’s Division of the Democratic National Committee in 1922. Her work in the committee began when Nancy Cook asked her to stand before a crowd of the audience for a fund-raising luncheon (“The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers”). Roosevelt and Cook became friends and business partners.
They co-founded Val-Kill Industries, alongside with Marion Dickerman, and Caroline O’Day in order to give jobs mainly to immigrants and also for farmers to support their families during off-seasons (“Nancy Cook”). Roosevelt, two years after she became the First Lady, started to write a newspaper column entitled My Day. In this column she expressed her views and opinions on matters that were relevant in her time including issues on race, labor and employment, and those concerning women (“The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers”).

The contribution of Roosevelt is very important in the history of women’s rights. Her work empowered women to be more proactive in different areas of our society, including in the area of politics and business. Women of today can now exercise a wider range of rights, thanks to the women who made it possible, like Roosevelt.

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