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How to Write a Causal Analysis Essay

An essay is a type of paper on a given topic that teaches you to develop your own view of the world. In a causal analysis, it is required to show specific knowledge and the ability to make an analysis. Writing such a paper may cause lots of questions. But don’t worry – we are going to explain how to write a causal analysis essay.

What Is an Analysis Essay?

Let’s consider the casual analysis definition. This particular kind of assignment is an essay in which the writer explores, studies, criticizes, and interprets a particular event or circumstance. The expression “analysis essay” may sound unfamiliar to you, but no stress, there is nothing difficult about it! If we investigate the definition, the term “analysis” implies a basic and elaborate perception of a particular idea.

Accordingly, an analysis essay is a short text that provides an informative observation on a specific topic or thought. Therefore, let’s pretend your essay topic is the causes and effects of using marijuana. There is so much you can discuss, from its origin to its impact on the war on drugs. Either way, a causal analysis essay requires you to take a small portion of the entire topic and use basic reasoning to come up with a type of controversy known as your thesis statement.

How to Write an Analysis Paper: Structure

The main condition for the correct writing of a causal essay analysis is fluency in the topic. This is necessary, as on the basis of your own reasoning, you will need to give causes and effects and draw conclusions. And it is impossible to correctly reflect on a topic in which you are not guided.

The internal structure of the causal analysis essay can be arbitrary, as there is not a singular clear template. However, it can be conditionally divided into five parts. It should be understood that this separation exists to simplify the writing of the paper.

  1. First part. Introduction. How to start an analysis essay? Here, the author identifies the topic of the essay, the problem, and mentions the causes of the problem. It is important to make a good impression on the reader. This is true when you are writing a causal analysis essay as well. The task is to get the readers interested and hook them so that they want to continue reading. The final sentence in the introduction should be a thesis statement.
  2. The main body of the causal analysis essay is divided into paragraphs. Every paragraph deals with one cause or effect. Try to give serious arguments that support the emergence of one cause or another. Use facts and credible sources. Here, the author relies on the above facts and presents effects caused by the problem. In the fourth paragraph, you can already safely express your point of view, since all the necessary argumentation has already been given. Each paragraph of the main body should include a topic sentence that defines the topic of the passage. Write several sentences describing causation. Include evidence from external sources to support your claim that a causal relationship exists. Write sentences that draw conclusions based on evidence. Keep in mind that information from external sources should be presented in the middle of the paragraph.
  3. Fifth part. The conclusion is no less important than the introduction. This part logically and clearly follows from the previous one. Here, the author can again turn to the first part and draw a conclusion from all the preceding information. Your conclusion should be based on the key points and evidence presented in the essay. If you started your paper with a question, go back to the question and provide the answer.

Main Characteristics of a Causal Analysis Essay

The causal analysis essay has its own distinctive features. Observing them in your own paper, you definitely cannot go wrong with the formation of its genre.

  1. Small amount of text. Typically, such essays are not too lengthy. Of course, the amount can fluctuate depending on the topic. If the problem posed requires lengthy reasoning and voluminous argumentation, there may be more pages in the paper. However, remember: brevity is the best way of writing a causal analysis essay. A paper that is written simply, easily, and logically is evaluated much higher. Write an essay without further ado to fill the space.
  2. The definite topic of the paper. The essay can have absolutely any topic. The main requirement for the author is to try to adhere to the chosen vector and not to turn into endless polemics.
  3. The essay is written in an arbitrary manner. There are no requirements for how the text of the essay should look, what words and terms should be used there, how many arguments should there be, etc. This creative work requires only a deep understanding of the topic from the author.
  4. It expresses the personal opinion of the author. If you do not understand the topic, most likely, you will not be able to write your thoughts on it. Therefore, it is important to study as many information sources as possible, find a lot of evidence, arguments, thoughts, and ideas. Only after all the work is done can you form your own opinion and substantiate it in the essay.

Steps for Writing a Causal Analysis Essay

Divide the work on writing an essay into four stages:

  • Analysis of the essence of the issue and creation of your own opinion. As mentioned earlier, before writing, you should form your viewpoint on the problem. This can be done only by collecting facts, ideas, and theories.
  • Search for opinions about causes and effects on the issue. Most likely, many scientific papers, articles, and essays have already been written on the topic you are analyzing. For a start, you should familiarize yourself with a few of them.
  • Study the sources. You can use anything: podcasts, video lectures, and opinions of your teachers.
  • Draw up a conclusion. It is a summary of all your research and presented information. If you have studied enough sources of the topic, you have the competence to present your own point of view, and you can draw the right conclusion from your reasoning.

The Role of a Causal Analysis Essay in the History Discipline

Often this type of essay is given to students who study history. If you are a history student, you need to write a paper in the following manner:

  • Indicate at least two significant events (phenomena, processes) that occurred within the framework of the selected process.
  • Name two historical personalities whose activities are associated with the specified events (phenomena, processes) that occurred within the framework of the selected process, and, using knowledge of historical facts, characterize the roles of these individuals in these events (phenomena, processes). When characterizing the role of each named person, it is necessary to indicate the specific actions of this person, which significantly influenced the course and (or) the result of these events (processes, phenomena).
  • Indicate at least two causal relationships characterizing the reasons for the occurrence of these events (phenomena, processes) that occurred within the framework of the selected process.
    Using knowledge of historical facts, indicate the significance (consequence) of the chosen process for the history of the USA (or your country).
  • In the course of writing, it is correct to use historical terms and concepts related to the selected process.
  • Try to avoid factual errors.
  • Present the material in a consistent and coherent manner.

causal analysis essay

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Causal Essay Topics

We have prepared a list of topics for you to help you write an interesting essay.

  1. What causes phobias in people?
  2. What conditions led to the Great Depression?
  3. Why do people become addicted to gambling?
  4. What drives the change in fashion trends?
  5. What motivates people to rise above dysfunctional families, such as poor families, single-parent families, or abusive parents?
  6. Why are some people afraid of the dark?
  7. What are the reasons for falling in love?
  8. How are some dinosaur footprints preserved?
  9. What causes romantic attraction to fade?
  10. What makes people rebel against the government?
  11. Why do people lose memory when they get older?
  12. Why do people have nightmares?
  13. Why do we have short-term and long-term memory?
  14. Why do people get dyslexic?
  15. Why do we physically respond to fear?

Causal Analysis Essay Example

We have prepared a causal analysis example for you so that you understand how to develop your paper correctly.

How Social Media Platforms Give Voice to Environmental Initiatives

The development of social media has made it possible to reach millions of people across the world in recent years. With social media becoming increasingly popular among Millennials and Gen Z, increasing awareness programs are being initiated from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Today, almost all social media platforms are being used to spread awareness about the environmental damage and degradation done in recent years. This awareness has resulted in the initiation of several movements spread all over the world. This paper will highlight how social media platforms give voice to these movements.

Social media feeds are filled with content showcasing the damage done to the environment, whether polar bears are dying of global warming or migrant birds losing their habitats due to deforestation. This type of content appeals to the hearts of consumers, who see the impact of their daily activities and try to make conscious changes. As the awareness about these topics grows, the pressure on the brands, institutions, and government to take action increases.

A study states that most students use social media (Facebook) to get news and information as to their priority. Of the respondents, 63.5% paid continuous attention to social media posts related to environmental change and consciously strived to change their lifestyles (Rahim and Adeen). Hence the role of social media in advocating positive environmental change is evident. Nan Zhang and Marko M. Skoric indicate how both traditional and online news has a predictor impact on the environment and can initiate and amplify such movements from a regional level to a global level. A live example of social media amplifying environmental concerns is the rise of young climate activists like Greta Thunberg and Jamie Margolin. Jamie Marglin founded the protest group Zero Hour in Seattle, Washington, in 2017, and Greta Thunberg started skipping school to protest outside the Swedish Parliament. These movements went viral on social media, and a youth demonstration was planned worldwide for 20 September 2018. This was the largest climate protest to be held around the world (Marris).

These two young activists are just a small example of the young generation trying to fight climate change and addressing other environmental concerns. All of their movements and protests were highlighted by social media and advocated and used as tools to spread awareness. More people are now conscious of the decisions they take daily and help to pressure governments and companies to pay more attention to the environment.

It can be concluded that social media’s role in giving voice to environmental campaigns is not a small one. These platforms provide awareness about the environmental concerns to people and are also responsible for creating movements and bringing the support of people, thus giving life to these movements. The movements that spread worldwide in the past have all been a result of social media campaigns, and not only has social media helped people to make conscious decisions about their daily activities but has also been successful in pressuring the governments and institutions of power to develop rules and laws that protect the environment. Moreover, social media platforms help create positive change in society by making people aware of the dangers that the earth faces and the changes they can make in their daily lives to control the degradation. And this has resulted in an increased effort to save the planet.

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