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How to Title an Essay Correctly

What Are Essay Titles?

Many students cannot choose the titles of their essays because they do not understand what it is. Here’s the simplest definition. The title of the essay is its topic. The topic of the essay represents what the student writes about in his or her paper.

For example, if you are studying at the faculty of sociology and decide to consider a scientific problem from gender sociology, then you should choose the right title. It should be narrowly focused and understandable. For example, “The problem of gender inequality in the 21st century.” The entire essay will be devoted to this problem. You will need to consider:

  • what is gender inequality
  • why did it appear
  • what are the reasons for gender inequality
  • how gender inequality manifests itself in the 21st century

In the conclusion, it is necessary to try to solve a scientific problem or improve it. In our example, the last chapter will focus on how to eliminate inequality, or how to improve the principles of equality. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the title of the essay with the preparation of the future final part.

So that students do not suffer much with an independent formulation of a title, the teacher often provides a list of topics to students and offers to independently choose a title from it. However, don’t worry if you don’t get a list of topics, as we will help you to come up with a good title.

Essay Titles Set the Structure

Choosing an essay title is half the battle. It is necessary to immediately imagine the structure of the future text. These are what parts the paper will be divided into, what chapters and paragraphs must be, what is worth talking about, and what will be superfluous. To learn more about essay writing, read the guide on how to write an essay.

For example, in our chosen title on the inequality of men and women in the 21st century, we need to gradually tell:

– why there is still inequality
– how it manifests itself in the 21st century
– if it can be eradicated
– the development of inequality in different countries and the reasons for it

What you don’t need to talk about:

– details of what the inequality was in the ancient and middle ages
– about homosexual couples
– about the causes of social distress

All parts of the essay are arranged in order. The first part is called the introduction. Here, the student must present the topic and include a thesis statement. The second large part is the main body. It is important to present arguments, evidence, and examples here. You need to research the topic well in order to write a strong main body. Perhaps you will find new foundations for gender inequality that have emerged in the 21st century. The topic should already be researched, since the student is just learning to conduct scientific activities. Therefore, it is not necessary to take a title that is a difficult subject of study or incomprehensible to the student. It is best to take the actual issues of our time that may concern the student himself or herself.

essay title examples
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How to Title an Essay Based on the Topic Choice

Before you can come up with a suitable title, you need to choose the right topic. The following criteria will help you with this.

Understanding the topic. The topic you cover should be completely clear to you. If you cannot grasp the meaning of the wording, then the essay itself can be an ordeal for you.

Abundance of material. Try to search the Internet for materials on your chosen topic. If there are enough of them, then they will not only be the basis for the main part of the essay but will also help you in formulating objectives, conclusions, and other elements of the essay.

Interest in the topic. If you dwell on a topic that does not arouse any enthusiasm in you, then working with the essay will turn into torture. You will be reluctant to write a paper every time. Listen to yourself. What topic resonates with you? What would you like to read and reflect on? Working with such a topic will fill you with energy and bring satisfaction.

Topic potential. If you have several topics to choose from, evaluate the potential of this or that title, and choose the best in this sense.

What if you absolutely do not like the topic you were assigned? You may ask a teacher to let you take on a different topic, but you should justify this step. Of course, you shouldn’t present a topic about the atomic nucleus to a teacher of world art culture. However, if the titles can be crossed, you will deepen your knowledge and will be able to use your essay for future research papers.

Basically, your topic is the title of the essay. Therefore, when following all these criteria when choosing a topic, you can immediately present it as a title without changes.

How to Title an Essay Correctly

There are different ways to choose the topic of your essay. But first of all, you need to take into account that the title should be included in the framework of the discipline. It is better to choose the topic of the essay in advance. Even if you turned to other people for help in choosing a topic, you must independently formulate the title for your future paper. Also, you will have to prepare the materials yourself and carry out the research. To a lesser extent, you will be assisted by your teacher.

By the way, don’t forget about the materials. Any research should have some examples or materials for study. What is it? If we continue to consider the topic of gender inequality, then the materials will be:

  • publications on information resources
  • online content related to gender inequality
  • public speaking
  • personal conversation recorded on paper

Essay Title Examples

We have compiled a list of creative essay titles, which will help you to come up with your own topic easily.

  1. Existence precedes essence.
  2. How are death and the meaning of life related?
  3. Global problems of our time.
  4. Religious consciousness, its role in the life of a person and society.
  5. Why did positivism as a philosophy of science appear in the 19th century?
  6. Positions of educator and pupil.
  7. My learning and cognitive development.
  8. Psychology of men and women: are there any differences?
  9. Analysis of the peculiarities of intercultural communication.
  10. Stress optimization techniques.
  11. Logical operations between the concepts of discrete mathematics.
  12. A concept is the main element of thought.
  13. Nuclear confrontation between the USSR and the USA. The beginning of the Cold War.
  14. How globalization affected historical science.

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