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A Streetcar Named Desire: Analysis of the Book Female Characters

Write about the female characters’ strong dependence on men. Why were these women so reliant on them?

A Streetcar Named Desire is a play written by Tennessee Williams in 1947. The play occurs right after World War II in New Orleans, Louisiana. Stella Kowalski, the wife of Stanley Kowalski, an auto-parts supply man, is living in a low but cozy apartment in the French Quarter. Blanche DuBois, Stella’s older sister, unexpectedly arrives with unfortunate events to tell.

For the first time, Stanley and Blanche come face to face, and just by seeing each other, the distaste is discerned between the two. The two female protagonists, Blanche and Stella, each have a great dependence on their love interests: Stella, with her husband Stanley, and Blanche, with Mitch, Stanley’s close friend, and all the other strangers she turns to for comfort when she loses everything.

Stella’s reliance on Stanley is shown in the scene when Stanley hosts a poker game with his male friends, including Mitch. Stanley gets too drunk and upset when Blanche and Mitch form affection for each other, and rushes into the room and starts a commotion (Tennessee). When Stella defends her older sister, Stanley beats her up without a second thought of her being pregnant. After a while of being remorseful of what he did, Stanley just shows how much he feels sorry and apologizes to Stella, and Stella instantly forgives him like nothing happened. This happens even though Blanche has told her to leave him because of their unhealthy relationship. As for Blanche, her dependence in men is shown when she clings to the guys she meets, and with the knowledge of her past, it is quite clear that she can’t be alone without a companion in life.

These women are so reliant on their lovers. The two may display different actions towards their partners, but they’re both unhappy and dissatisfied without them. Blanche may insist that Stella should leave Stanley because he is physically abusive, but what she suggests also involves her dependence on men, as she wants to get in contact with Dallas millionaire Shep Huntleigh for financial assistance. Stella may not show childish acts like Blanche, but she as well chooses to stay and believe her husband, even after knowing that Stanley raped Blanche, for she chose her lover and her dependency on Stanley.

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