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Tons of original ideas from your personal writer
Solution of complex tasks which can ruin your studies or career
Constant keeping in touch with your writer and support team
Possibility to score better in any discipline needed

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You don’t ask for help because you’re lazy. College students don’t have time for the disciplines, extra work, social life, and healthy sleep all at the same time! When you apply for help to the best essay writing service, you get more than a well-structured paper.

Stress-free weekend

Stress-free weekend

You don’t have to waste your time on the things that you aren’t really interested in. Spend your weekend with your friends and have some fun!

Higher grades

Higher grades

An individual can’t be good at everything. What if your weakness is research papers about environmental problems or democracy in Ancient Greece? We can fix that. Just say the word.

Better look

Better look

Forget about dark rings under your eyes! You now have time for good sleep. Can you imagine eight or even ten hours of total relaxation?

Total control

Total control

When you assign our writer to compose your essay, you still have the opportunity to monitor the whole order progress thanks to a live chat our essay writing service offers. You can make suggestions and ask for revisions any time!

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What we guarantee

When you choose our essay writing service, you want to feel secure and confident.
The list of our guarantees will dispel all your doubts at once!

100% privacy
100% privacy
We don’t need your name or your age to treat you with respect and attention. We know that you’d like to keep our cooperation in secret. That’s why our service sticks to the policy of total confidentiality.
100% privacy
Timely delivery
Timely delivery
If deadlines make up a significant part of your nightmares, EssayBulls is a perfect academic helper for you. Forget about your anxiety and place your order on our website! Our writers will take care of your papers while you enjoy your sleep.
Timely delivery
Plagiarism-free samples
Plagiarism-free samples
We have a built-in plagiarism checker. Thanks to this tool, you can make sure that the provided sample is 100% unique and custom written. If it’s not, you’re free to ask for revisions. The plagiarism checker is easy to use: just one click, and you get the result.
Plagiarism-free samples
Unlimited revisions
Unlimited revisions
Mutual understanding is difficult to achieve even when you communicate with our writer via live chat. We kindly ask you to leave as detailed instructions as possible to receive the best services. However, our writers don’t always provide perfect samples on the first try. Luckily to you, our service gives every customer the opportunity to ask for unlimited revisions.
Unlimited revisions
Affordable prices
Affordable prices
Thanks to the bidding system, you’ll have a chance to choose a price appropriate for you. Planning the budget is essential, especially for students. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the benefits of our service at a reasonable price!
Affordable prices


You have something better to do with your life! Get custom writing help from us and find out what freedom tastes like!

Examples of our essays

Does Psychotherapy Have a Biological Basis?
Type of paperEssay
Academic levelUniversity
Holocaust Twin Experiments
Type of paperEssay
Academic levelCollege

Note these are just samples our writers have prepared to showcase their skills. This means we never publish a paper we have completed for you.

You can get help with any type of paper!

When you fill our ordering form, you can choose any paper type and any academic level. You can pay for any services - essay, research paper, speech, letter writing, etc. Our experts are able to deal with any kind of writing challenge! Place your order and see what you can get.

Custom essays

You can check out the examples of our writers’ works on the blog. Each sample is written from scratch because we provide our customers only with the best and original content. We compose the essays according to your requirements and preferences.

Creative writing services

Need to write poems, short stories, and scripts? We have specialists for such tasks! Not everyone has got enough talent to develop a decent creative piece of writing. That’s totally fine. We’ve got this!

Persuasive speeches

Clear arguments, smooth transitions, and convincing statistics are what you need to persuade anybody of anything. Writing is on us, but performance is on you! It’s public speaking, so make it a bit easier.

Love letters

Surprised? We can deal even with the most extraordinary orders. Words are not as important as actions, but they also matter. Especially when it comes to love. We’ll find the right words to melt her heart.

College application essays

A prestigious college is the first step on the path to a successful future. Unfortunately, entering a good university is not that simple. The application process requires much time and energy. With, you won’t have to worry about your admissions essay!

Impressive presentations

Sometimes, you just don’t have time to prepare a well-structured and interesting presentation. You need a plan B. We’ll be your plan B. We don’t ask questions. We do our job.

Our writers are ready to face these and other academic challenges to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. If you’ve decided to use our essay writing service, you should know everything about your writer. You can trust the members of our team. Why? We have immaculate arguments:

Three-step hiring process

Every applicant has to pass three tests before he or she is able to join our awesome team. The first exam is aimed at evaluating their language performance. Our four-hour test is based on the material provided by Oxford University Press. As a result, the questions aren’t the easiest to answer. The second stage is the evaluation of their knowledge of the most popular formatting styles (MLA, APA, Chicago). The last exam of our custom writing service is to accomplish a real order supervised by our manager.

Quality control

The quality assurance team regularly monitors the work of our specialists. The managers pick the recent writings randomly and check them. If the paper is not good enough, the writer gets a warning. Our employees also get warnings if their communication with the customers in the live chat is inappropriate or if they break the deadlines.

Rating system

Our rating system allows our customers to pick the best writers for their assignments. The rating of each specialist is based on the votes of the clients for the provided services. Plus, you can see the number of completed orders and the awards collected by this writer.

Customer feedback

You also have the opportunity to check the comments left by each customer. Some of these evaluations can be really useful when it comes to picking the specialist. After you get your order done, you’ll have the chance to evaluate our writer’s work as well.

Educational background and work experience

We hire writers from all around the world. In such a way, we have professionals with various educational backgrounds and work experiences from different countries. Besides, we have writers always online, as they live in different time zones. Every expert has professional experience in a particular field of study. Your papers are in capable hands!

As you see, our writers can deal with any order flawlessly. Still, one question remains. Will our cooperation be legit? Of course, we have an answer!

Why is using essay writing service not cheating?

Our world is not a black-and-white movie. It is painted with an endless number of colors. And every person can define these colors the way he or she wants. Everybody has particular principles which control the decision-making process and the actions of the individual.

Paying for essays is on the border between good and bad. Everything depends on the perspective and the viewpoint. Besides, the legitimacy of your actions depends on how exactly you use our service. There are five ways to take advantage of our samples that won’t cause any damage to your karma. Let’s learn more about them!

Source of information

When you compose any type of academic paper, you have to collect some data on a particular topic. Today, this process is easier than, for example, fifty years ago, as you have access to the internet. You can use online encyclopedias, non-fiction e-books, online journals, newspapers, etc. Unfortunately, modern internet users often face unreliable sources of information like personal blogs, commercial websites, and Wikipedia articles. If you use such sources as a base for your research papers or essays, that may affect your grade negatively. That’s why we offer each customer the ability to use the samples provided by our writers as a reliable source of information for your works. Our experts use only trustworthy websites to compose their essays.


You can’t copy someone else’s ideas or thoughts, as it would be considered plagiarism. However, paraphrasing is a good method for those who want to use a source without citing it. Every school, college, and university has different rules regarding paraphrasing. You should always check these rules in order to avoid academic dishonesty. Paraphrasing will allow you to borrow the ideas of our writers or other authors and to use them in your own papers without any risk.

Direct citation

This technique is much easier than paraphrasing. You include the quotation of the primary or secondary sources in your essay and add a reference to the original work and its author. The only difficulty you’ll face is the difference between formatting styles, which can be confusing. When your professor provides you with instructions about your assignment, he or she specifies the format that you’ll have to use. The most common formatting styles are MLA, APA, and Chicago. In order to get a high score, you should follow the rules of the particular formatting.


We are 100% sure that your head is full of creative and exciting ideas. However, writing a custom essay isn’t only about good thoughts. When you compose a piece of writing, a proper structure also matters. Making an outline can be challenging, especially for freshmen. All the samples provided by our writers are well structured. Thus, you can use our texts as templates for your works. You’ll see that the writing process becomes quicker when you have a plan.

Ideas and inspiration

Finally, our samples will help you to overcome your fear of the blank page. We’ll replace your Muse if she is unavailable at the moment. You don’t have to copy all the thoughts of our writer. Each new idea is a combination of two old ideas. Thus, switch on your creativity and start creating your own writing masterpieces.

As you see, using writing services is totally legit. The way a customer uses our sample plays a key role in this dilemma. Fortunately, you can stick to your own moral code when you make this decision.

We know that one person can’t be talented at every discipline. But an entire team of professional writers can! So, put aside the papers on subjects that aren’t exciting enough for you and leave them to our experts. They can deal with any discipline!

Essay writing service help on any subject


How will the policy of our government influence social institutions? Does racism still exist? How can citizens fight terrorism? Our writers can answer these and many other questions.


Digital marketing, email marketing, direct marketing, cross-media marketing, relationship marketing – this list is pretty much endless! Can you imagine how hard composing essays on marketing can be?

English and literature

Shakespeare, Frost, Kipling, Doyle – if these names make you feel bored, let our experts deal with your English essays. Push the order button, and you’ll have time for more exciting things!

Business and management

The main difference between rich and poor people is how they manage their money. Time is money! Thus, we offer each customer a chance to save your money and apply to us!

Computer science

The pace of development of technologies is incredible! It is difficult to remain informed about all the novelties of the progress. Computer science is for those who aren’t afraid of challenges!


Paintings, music, and sculptures inspire and excite us. Their beauty is truly immortal. If you still don’t feel inspired enough, you know what to do...


The USA has been an active participant of world history for the last two and a half centuries. However, US history doesn’t include all the exciting events that have happened to humanity. So, you should know a lot to create impressive history essay samples.

Life sciences and healthcare

Nothing is more important than health. Modern medicine evolves every day, and our writers gather and process tons of new information in order to stay up to date and provide you with the best samples.


If you want to discover the secrets of human mentality, psychology should be your favorite discipline. When you need some help with exploring mental issues — apply to our essay writing service!

EssayBulls is always ready to help college students with their writing problems. Just click the order button and we’ll start working immediately!

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