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45 Black Death Essay Topics That Will Freak You Out

What comes to your mind when you hear the expression “Black Death”? Probably horrible pictures of devastated medieval cities, chaotic mass graves, and all-around madness. Modern scientists can’t give a precise number of people who died from this disease, but it certainly killed more people than World War II.

You might be surprised, but all these horrors actually had some positive consequences. Really, this is no joke. If you want to know more, read our list of bubonic plague essay topics and learn something new, pal! You can use them for writing your own paper, or to buy cheap essays from qualified writers.

Analytical Black Death Essay Topics

  1. The semantics of the word “plague” in modern English.
  2. The Black Plague – the first biological weapon in human history.
  3. The main symptoms of the bubonic plague.
  4. Who became the main victims of persecutions during the pandemics, and why?
  5. Medieval hypotheses about the reasons for the plague.
  6. Effective and useless means of protection against the plague in medieval cities.
  7. Medical treatment of the plague in the Middle Ages.
  8. How could medieval Europeans decrease the risk of spreading the disease?
  9. The image of a plague doctor in modern popular culture.
  10. The movement of the White Penitents during the pandemics.
  11. The origins and use of the expressions “Black Death” and “Great Plague.”
  12. The pattern of the third plague pandemic in the 19th century.
  13. Explain the etiology of the Black Plague.
  14. Quarantine measures in Italian cities against the Black Plague.
  15. Who were the Flagellants? How did these practitioners interpret the Black Death?
  16. Explain the term “choreomania.” How is this phenomenon related to the Black Plague?
  17. Why was the bubonic plague called the Black Death?
  18. Was the costume of a plague doctor actually helpful?
  19. Is the bubonic plague dangerous today?
  20. Why did the Black Death stop?

Cause and Effect Bubonic Plague Essay Topics

  1. What consequences did the bubonic plague have for medieval Europe?
  2. The rapid development of medicine as a result of the Black Death.
  3. Was the bubonic plague one of the reasons for the Protestant Reformation?
  4. The cultural consequences of the Black Death in the Late Middle Ages.
  5. How did the Black Plague get to Europe, and what factors accelerated its spread?
  6. The effects of the Black Plague on the Industrial Revolution.
  7. The influence of the pandemics on the genes of Europeans.
  8. How did the Black Death contribute to the end of the Middle Ages?
  9. What were the main effects of the plague on China?
  10. How did the Black Death influence the emancipation in European countries after the pandemics?

Compare and Contrast Bubonic Plague Topics

  1. Compare and contrast the state of urban and rural populations after the Black Plague.
  2. Compare and contrast the bubonic plague and pneumonic plague: symptoms, course of the disease, and treatment.
  3. Compare and contrast the medieval and modern medical description of the bubonic plague.
  4. Compare and contrast the state of the Catholic Church before and after the pandemic.
  5. Compare and contrast the perception of the Black Death in different religions.

Black Death Essay Topics: Art and Literature

  1. The basic principles of existentialism in the novel “The Plague” by Albert Camus.
  2. What role does the plague play in “The Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio?
  3. The caricature of feudal society in the fable “The Animals Sick of the Plague” by Jean de La Fontaine.
  4. The history of the plague doctor’s mask in culture.
  5. The role of the plague in the movie “The Seventh Seal” directed by Ingmar Bergman.
  6. What techniques make the novel “A Journal of the Plague Year” written by Daniel Defoe realistic?
  7. How does the plague and its consequences drive the plot in the novel “The Betrothed” by Alessandro Manzoni?
  8. What is a greater evil portrayed in the movie “Black Death” – the plague, or human viciousness?
  9. Define the term “The Danse Macabre.” What is the connection between this allegory and the Black Plague?
  10. Symbolism of the painting “Plague” by Arnold Böcklin.

These Black Death essay topics are enough to compose an outline for a dissertation, let alone for an essay. But if your heart tells you to have some rest and watch “Game of Thrones” – listen to it! Pay for an essay at from professional experts, or buy coursework essay or any other paper types. And be bullsome!

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