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Catholic Church Topics for Writing a Quality Paper

The Catholic Church is a religious community united by the confession of a single Christian faith and participation in common sacraments, led by priests and the church hierarchy, and headed by the Pope of Rome. The word “catholic” indicates, firstly, the mission of this church facing the entire generation and, secondly, the fact that members of the church are representatives of the whole world.

Catholicism is an interesting theme to write about. We have gathered topics about the Catholic Church so that you can write a great paper on one of them, or buy research papers for sale from expert writers.

Research Paper Topics on Catholicism and Teaching

  1. Teaching about moral issues from a Catholic view.
  2. The Catholic higher education.
  3. The purpose of the paper will be to explain a specific point of the Catholic doctrine, particularly answering the questions: What specifically does the Church teach on this topic? Why does the Church hold this teaching?
  4. Explain how the Church, through Caritas, responds to an issue using Catholic social teaching.
  5. Why should Ontario not fund Catholic schools?
  6. A contemporary social issue or person related to Catholic social teaching.
  7. Catholic social teaching on human rights and responsibilities.
  8. Compare the Protestant teaching of Luther regarding women to the medieval Catholic view of women.
  9. Catholic social teaching on the ownership and use of property.
  10. What does it mean for you to be accepted to a Catholic high school?
  11. Review and critique the approaches to religious education in Australian Catholic schools since the Vatican II.

Catholic Church Topics for History Papers

  1. Give the history of the Catholic Church on the death penalty and note how it has changed over time.
  2. Henry VIII’s break from the Catholic Church: popular reactions (both negative and positive).
  3. The impact of the arrival of the Catholic Church into Latin America.
  4. Why did the Catholic Church bind together, yet simultaneously tear apart, 19th century Latin American societies?
  5. The Catholic Church’s power during the Middle Ages.
  6. Were Martin Luther’s theological positions and his criticism of the Catholic Church radically new?
  7. Does the 1824 Chumash uprising show that the Chumash rejected Catholicism and Spanish rule, or was it an isolated event?
  8. The positive influence of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages.
  9. How did women in Catholic leadership change over time?
  10. Explain why the scientific revolution was so feared by the Catholic Church.
  11. The role of the catholic church during the Baroque time period.
  12. What factors enabled the Catholic Church to thrive after the decline of the Roman Empire?
  13. How did the scientific revolution affect the Catholic church?
  14. To what degree did Luther intend to break with the Catholic faith when the controversy began in 1571?
  15. Catholics and the Second World War.
  16. Discrimination of the Irish Catholic immigrants during the 1920s.
  17. The Catholic Church’s response to the Holocaust.
  18. How has the reaction of the Catholic Church to major events, eras, or movements changed over time?
  19. Catholic womanhood in Spain during and after Franco’s regime.
  20. Why did Luther challenge the authority of the Catholic Church? Why did Luther’s challenge result in the formation of many new Christian sects? How did the English Revolution differ from Luther’s Reformation?
  21. How has Catholicism changed over the years?
  22. The impact of the Catholic Church on people’s lives in the 11th century.
  23. How did the Catholic Church help and hurt the Jews during World War 2?
  24. What were Henry VIII’s motives in dismantling the English Catholic Church, beyond his desire for a divorce from Katherine of Aragon?
  25. In what way(s) did persecution within the first 300 years come to shape the Catholic tradition?
  26. Was the Protestant Reformation a unified movement against the Catholic Church?
  27. What factors contributed to the strong political and religious influence of the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages in Europe (500-1300)?
  28. What role did the Orthodox religion play in Byzantine society and culture? Compare and contrast the Orthodox religion with the Roman Catholic faith. Be sure to express your personal opinion.
  29. Why was Queen Elizabeth I’s solution via the media the only practical way to achieve a solution of religious unity between Catholics and Protestants?
  30. To what extent did the Catholic Church’s beliefs support the ideology of Nazi Germany from 1933-1936?
  31. Misunderstandings between the Catholic Church and Galileo Galilei in the 16th century.

Catholic Church Topics for Personal Essays

  1. My experience going to a Catholic Church.
  2. Your defense of Evangelical Christianity compared to Catholicism.
  3. Reflection about a church service that you attended other than the Catholic Church.
  4. Living a Catholic life in the US.
  5. Being a Catholic vs being a Christian.
  6. Being a Protestant vs Catholic in Maryland.
  7. Compare getting married in Catholicism and in Judaism.
  8. Being a homosexual and the Catholic doctrine.
  9. Being a Chinese Catholic: matrimony and family.
  10. Facing the taboos of sex, cyber sex, and sex toys within the Catholic Church.

Catholic Church Topics Related to Ethics

  1. How does the Catholic Church view abortion, and what are they doing to reinforce their values against abortion?
  2. Why does the Catholic Church claim homosexuality as immoral?
  3. Euthanasia and the Catholic Church’s view on it.
  4. Embryonic stem cells and the Catholic Church.
  5. Sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.
  6. Theological anthropologist conflicts in the Catholic Church.
  7. Ecclesiology conflicts in the Catholic Church.
  8. The Roman Catholic religion-based ethical issue in architecture.
  9. Moral Catholic views on foster care.
  10. The importance of hymns in a Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish service.
  11. The Catholic Church’s stance on the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
  12. Catholics in the United States and their intersectional issues of race, gender, and class.
  13. Why is homosexuality a problem in the Catholic Church?

Controversial Topics in the Catholic Church

  1. Comparison between Catholics and Protestants.
  2. Does the Catholic Church’s involvement in the politics in the States create better income equality?
  3. Analyze the aims of the Catholic Reformation (Counter-Reformation) in the 16th century.
  4. What did the Catholic Church do to reform itself and respond to the spread of Protestantism?
  5. The influence of the Catholic Church’s dominance in Western Europe, and its role in the Crusades.
  6. The role the Catholic Church developed over time as the European powers developed.
  7. Discuss the relationship between the Protestant and Catholic Reformations.
  8. Should the Catholic Reformation be considered a success?
  9. How does the Catholic Church exploit social media?
  10. Differences between Catholicism and Scientology.
  11. A comparative analysis of self-awareness in Catholicism and Buddhism.
  12. The difference between Lutherans and Catholics.
  13. The role of liturgy in the lives of contemporary Catholics.
  14. The relationship between the Catholic Church and society.
  15. Compare and contrast Catholic culture and Christian culture.

Brief History of Catholicism

Catholics believe that the church and papacy were established directly by Jesus Christ and that the pope is the legitimate successor of St. Peter (and therefore inherits his primacy among the apostles) and the vicar (deputy) of Christ on earth. They also believe that Christ gave his apostles the power:

  1. To preach his gospel to all people.
  2. To sanctify people through the sacraments.
  3. To lead and govern all those who have accepted the gospel and are baptized.

Also, they believe that this authority is vested in the Catholic bishops (as successors of the apostles), and headed by the pope, who has supreme authority. The pope, being a teacher and protector of the revealed truth of the Church, is infallible in his judgments on matters of faith and morals; Christ guaranteed this infallibility when he promised that the truth would always be with the Church.

Signs of the Catholic Church

In accordance with traditional teaching, this church is distinguished by four characteristics, or four essential features (notae ecclesiae):

  • Unity.
  • Holiness, which is seen in church teachings, worship, and the holy life of believers.
  •  Catholicity.
  • Apostolicity, or the origin of the institutions and jurisdiction of the apostles.

Teachings of the Catholic Church

The main points of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church are set out in the Apostolic creeds; more fully, they are contained in the confession of faith used in the consecration of bishops and priests, as well as in adult baptism. In its teachings, the Catholic Church also relies on the decisions of the ecumenical councils, and above all, of the Trent and the Vatican, especially with regard to the primacy and the infallible teaching power of the Pope of Rome.

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