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Why Is ‘American Giant’ an Appropriate Description for Theodore Roosevelt?

“It is hard to fail, but is is worse to never have tried to succeed” is one of my favorite quotes from Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th and youngest to be elected among all previous presidents of the United States of America. He was one of the most influential leaders during his time and rose above his personal and political adversities for his nation.

Roosevelt served nearly two full terms and had accomplished a lot during his term: he ended the Russo-Japanese war using a peace treaty, for example, and he also created the domestic policy called the Square Deal, which aimed to protect consumers. During his term he also strengthened the Navy forces, destroyed the beef trust, initiated conservation movements to protect natural resources, animals, and plants, initiated the Meat Inspection Act and Pure Food and Drug Act, and a lot more. The Nobel Peace Prize and Medal of Honor were some of the awards he received that he rightly deserved for all his contributions and achievements, which serves as his legacy and as proof that he is an “American Giant” (Roosevelt, 107-242).

The White House also got its name from the late president, as he believed it was the best name that describes it. During his time he also negotiated an agreement with Columbia for the construction of the Panama Canal. His administration brought anti-trust actions against monopolistic corporations, and he was also the first to invite a black man to a dinner.

I believe that being called “American Giant” is one of the titles he deserved, not just because of his height or size but also because he accomplished a lot as a president during his time, and was a man of action, equality, and reputation. He is one of the best examples of a strong-minded person and full of conviction. I believe that he had every capacity and character that best describes a leader, a father, a husband, and a man of his country.


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