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Reflective Essay Sample About Writing the First Essay

My Experience of Writing the First Essay

Since ancient times, people who were able to express their thoughts in written form were highly appreciated in society. Thousands of years have passed, and a lot of writing styles have appeared, but people who have accurate spelling are still very much welcomed. Personally speaking, I want to talk about the time when I was first introduced to essays as a type of writing.

It happened in 2008. I was a student, and we had just begun a new unit and were working with the book Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome. But at the end of the lesson, I was quite confused. My home assignment was to write an observation essay on the basis of the novel. Though our tutor gave us a sample for writing an essay, it was something new to my groupmates and me. That’s why I was a little bit worried. I didn’t know if I could do this task correctly.

At home, I reread the novel once again and started writing an essay. The process of writing this kind of paper is totally different from, for example, writing a letter to someone. The first thing you should do is write a map of your ideas. You have to write as many as you can. This stage is quite similar to brainstorming. After that, you have to choose and write your thesis idea. When you are finished with this, the next step is to write an introduction to the further development of the action, and the body of your essay, where the most important points take place. The final part of your work is writing the conclusion. You may also add your personal attitude to the main characters or to the novel in general. You can consider this as a brief analysis of the passage you worked on. This is the last stage. And now, you’re ready to present your essay!

In the end, I have to admit that writing essays is not as complicated a task as people may think. Your main principles are to stay concentrated, avoid panic, and follow all the instructions of your teacher. As for me, at the next English lesson, I presented my essay to the tutor and got a good mark for it. Hopefully, my writing experience will be useful to others.

There are many ways to describe your life or particular events in written form: diary entries, memoirs, autobiographies, blogging, etc. A reflective essay is a short form of biographical writing. In our reflective essay sample, the writer shares a story about writing his first essay while he was a student. You can’t say that this experience is extremely exciting or interesting for readers, but it was definitely a valuable experience for the writer.

You can try to compose your own based on this reflective essay example. Write a list of memorable events of your life and pick one as a topic of your writing. Then, write down the details that you remember. Finally, compose your essay and try to recreate the atmosphere and the feelings of your experience in written form.

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