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Squid Game Series Review

Squid Game, which is based on a kid’s game, played in a squid-shaped court, and now the name of a famous Korean Netflix series released on 17 September 2021, has become the biggest series launch of all time. The series is about a divorced man who finds himself in debt to a gang after too much gambling. Eventually, he is approached by a man at a train station to play a game. Finally, after a few trials, he wins. He is then given a contact card if he wishes to play more games.

He ends up calling the number and gets kidnapped. He finds himself in a child-like set with 456 more players to play 6 rounds of children’s games. If a player wins, the reward is an unimaginable amount of money (Cooper). However, they are unaware of the tremendous number of twists and turns of the games that can put the players lives in danger. What are the twists and turns in the Squid Game series, and what does the author think about them?

In the first episode, the set shown is very interesting and beautiful, resembling a dollhouse, giving an impression of innocence, which later turns out to not be the case. The first game played is ‘red light green light.’ Whoever moves during red light gets shot instantly. It is a pretty disturbing episode that can instantly capture anyone’s attention since it is supposed to be a fun children’s game. However, it was obvious and expected at the beginning that the game definitely includes some level of gore, since the game cannot be that easy.

All the characters have their own money issues, thus creating a certain kind of competition between players to win the game and collect all the money. The most intriguing character is the old man, player 001, who has brain cancer and wants to collect money for his surgery. However, his presence there does not make much sense, since he is way older than the other players and seems more knowledgeable.

The players are sent in the outside world after a vote, because they are too scared of losing their lives and not actually winning. They finally come back because they do not have much hope there. They rather compete and try to win than be a loser in the outside world.

The show portrays how money can shape or change you as an individual. The VIPs in the show are Americans and it demonstrates the economy and capitalism of South Korea. It shows how white people dominate over these people and that life in South Korea is always a sort of a win-win game. However, the mastermind is the eldest man.

The show is very entertaining with an extremely gory side, especially the part where they show organ trafficking and show the detailed graphics. The biggest twist is the old man, who is the mastermind of the show. However, this was expected to some level to the author, since he was the most different from the other characters. The other mystery is the police officer, in search of his brother who later finds out the latter is part of the game system. Episode six is compelling since each character’s life depends on the death of the other character in their team. It touches a certain level of human morality, but on the other hand, it shows the capitalism metaphor.

Overall, the show can be given an entertaining and watchability level of eight out of ten since it has the perfect level of tension, gore, entertainment, and it is well produced and acted. On the other hand, the political nature is quite bad since it does not make any actual sense. Season two of this show is impatiently awaited with more twists and turns.

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