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Coronavirus Essay Example: The Influence of Coronavirus on IT Companies

The epidemic of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus has stirred China, and with it the whole world. Coronavirus will certainly negatively affect the economy of individual companies and countries as a whole. Under the onslaught of a dangerous virus, manufacturers of smartphones and electric vehicles are forced to temporarily suspend production.

Coronavirus Essay sample

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With the spread of the virus, all companies are increasingly announcing a temporary cessation of production, delayed deliveries or postponement of previously planned presentations. Such steps cannot but affect the work and profits of the world techno-giants, not to mention small producers. A number of companies, including Google, Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon and others, has announced the closure of their offices and factories located in the regions of China that are most affected by the spread of coronavirus. Google company has suspended employee trips to China and Hong Kong (The New York Times, 2020). At the same time, those workers who are now in China will work from home. The corporation advises them to leave offices as soon as possible and spend at least two weeks at home. Other technological giants have resorted to similar steps. In particular, Microsoft and Amazon have restricted employee travel to and from China. Earlier, Facebook recommended that its employees not visit China. It also became known that Tesla temporarily closed its factory in Shanghai (The New York Times, 2020). This will negatively affect the pace of production of Model 3 and ultimately negatively affect the company’s profits.

How long the spread of coronavirus will last and how it will affect the profits of industry monsters such as Apple, Google, Huawei and Tesla is not known. All these and many other companies suffer from the consequences of the spread of the epidemic and try to minimize losses.


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