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Essay on Football: Pros and Cons

When we think “sports,” we think “health”; therefore, the general assumption is that sports are good for both your body and mind. However, digging deeper into any sport’s specification, we notice that sports also have some disadvantages. To outline the pros and cons of being active, I will use football, probably the most popular sport in the world.

When it comes to the pros of playing football, it has been proved that playing improves multiple areas of our bodies. This is beneficial when moving to other disciplines as well. For example, running for 90 minutes increases football players’ aerobic capacity, while shifting between walking, running, and sprinting teaches coordination.

There are also various long-term benefits. Samir Becic, named as the number one fitness trainer in the world four times in a row, in his book ReSYNC Your Life writes that “by incorporating physical fitness, healthy nutrition, and mental balance, we can manage, control, or completely avoid 60-70% of chronic illnesses.” Doctor Stephen G. Rice claims that “for most chronic health conditions, current evidence supports and encourages the participation of children and adolescents in most athletic activities.” This includes dysrhythmia, various vascular diseases, cerebral palsy, eating disorders, and musculoskeletal disorders, to name only a few.

In relation to the cons of playing football, it is impossible not to mention the risk of injury. This could mean “a simple kick to the leg or a twist to the knee” (McEvoy), or overuse of a muscle, tendon, or bone. Most soccer players already have, or will experience, a knee injury of some sort, classified as the most common injury in this sport. There is also a high risk of shin splints and groin pulls.

In conclusion, I’d like to state that being physically active at any level has many more more pros than cons to our bodies and health. Therefore, we should get involved in any kind of sporting activity, whether it is playing football or taking a simple walk in the park.

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Sports should be an indispensable part of our lives if we want to be healthy and strong. However, engaging in sports is frequently associated with various types of injuries. So, is it better to choose sports or stay away from possible traumas? The author of this essay on football believes that sports have more advantages than disadvantages for our health, so we should engage in different kinds of physical activities. Do you agree with our writer? You’re welcome to write your own football essay and express your point of view, or request write my essay for me assistance from professionals.

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