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Example of Narrative Essay: Soulless Comfort

It took me a while to realize that something is amiss, and that serious change is on its way. Gluten intolerance can be quite tough and demands a change of diet toward healthier choices.
Little did I know of the sacrifices that I would have to make, including saying goodbye to comfort food. There are alternatives, but nothing can replace the taste of the harmful gluten texture. The safe, gluten-free pizza is the worst pizza in the history of humankind.

Weekends are ideal for pizza nights. On this particular evening, I made a gluten-free pizza with rice flour. At first glance, it seemed fine. The wonderful smell of melted cheese covered with tomatoes and herbs filled my nostrils with a promise of pure pleasure. It made my mouth water.

However, the moment I tasted it, it became clear that it was a disaster. The dough was so thick that it squeaked with each bite. The hottest ketchup in the world could not eliminate the flavor of rice that kept irritating my palate, in spite of the robust aroma of melted cheddar cheese.

Basil and oregano made it slightly better, with their minty and earthy touches, but the hideous sweetness of rice could not be defeated. Who would have thought that rice could be that aggressive? Alas, I was eating a sweetened and grainy pizza. Worse, I was not eating a pizza. I was eating a highly caloric, fatty, baked risotto.

While chewing this squeaky blasphemy of a pizza, a pitiful meal deprived of its essence, I realized that “substitute” is just another word for despair. Food will never comfort us, for our real hunger lies elsewhere.

Food is a considerable part of life. We frequently break the “eat to live, not live to eat” rule and enjoy our meals more than we actually should. But what if the food doesn’t meet our expectations? The author of the narrative essay example about food we provided shares his “bad pizza” experience with readers. We hope that this text has inspired you for the creation of your own outstanding stories!

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