How to Choose an Essay Topic to Impress Your Readers

Excellent writing skills and a clear logical structure are essential for good essays. However, you’ll never get the attention of your readers if your topic doesn’t provoke any interest. That’s why picking the right topic is crucial for the success of your writing.

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Health Care Essay: Benefits and Disadvantages of X-Ray Application

Discuss the Use Of X-Rays in the Medical Environment Taking x-ray irradiation into consideration, one should note certain key factors which allow or disallow the justification of the mentioned procedure. The disadvantages appear when a doctor uses lethal doses of irradiation. The facts which help to defend the usage of roentgen is its irreplaceability in […]

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45 Black Death Essay Topics That Will Freak You Out

What comes to your mind when you hear the expression “Black Death”? Probably horrible pictures of devastated medieval cities, chaotic mass graves, and all-around madness. Modern scientists can’t give a precise number of people who died from this disease, but it certainly killed more people than World War II.

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Catholic Church Topics for Writing a Quality Paper

The Catholic Church is a religious community united by the confession of a single Christian faith and participation in common sacraments, led by priests and the church hierarchy, and headed by the Pope of Rome. The word “catholic” indicates, firstly, the mission of this church facing the entire generation and, secondly, the fact that members […]

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How to Write an Essay About Yourself

An essay about yourself is a great opportunity to reflect on eternal questions: Who am I? What is interesting to me? Why am I good? Why do I feel bad? What do I want? What are you aiming for? What do I appreciate? Who do I like?

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Powerful Roosevelt Topics for Your Perfect History Essay

Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt – what connects these people who share the same surname? The Roosevelt family has a great history. It’s a family of presidents, politicians, inventors, and artists. During your history classes, you will attentively explore the accomplishments of these prominent figures in American history.

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