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Powerful Roosevelt Topics for Your Perfect History Essay

Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt – what connects these people who share the same surname? The Roosevelt family has a great history. It’s a family of presidents, politicians, inventors, and artists. During your history classes, you will attentively explore the accomplishments of these prominent figures in American history.

In this article, we want to share with you some Roosevelt topics you can use as a basis for your essays, research papers and term paper writing help. We have divided them into categories for your convenience.

Theodore Roosevelt Topics

Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest president of the United States. He became president without an election when he was 42 years old. He was a supporter of liberal reforms and a driving figure of the Progressive Era. Roosevelt made a great contribution to reforming the American economy and fighting corruption. He was immortalized on Mount Rushmore along with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln in 1927.

  1. Compare and contrast the two presidents: Theodore Roosevelt and Lincoln.
  2. Explain the success of Theodore Roosevelt. What made him an effective president and leader?
  3. Explain how the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson changed the concepts of the US presidency. Depict the American political system between 1877 and 1932.
  4. Analyze the book “Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt’s America.” What is the author’s attitude toward Theodore Roosevelt?
  5. Describe the main points of Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy. What actions can be considered as successful?
  6. Analyze the Roosevelt Corollary in the context of relations with Mexico and the rest of Latin America. How have these relationships changed after its inception?
  7. Explain whether Theodore Roosevelt’s income tax was necessary for that period of time. Analyze his speech where he proposed the income tax and a tax on inheritance.
  8. Why was Theodore Roosevelt called the “American giant”? Argue your thoughts.
  9. What role did Theodore Roosevelt play in creating the system of national parks?
  10. Analyze the successes and failures of Theodore Roosevelt.
  11. Make an analysis of the book “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt” by Edmund Morris. What are the major points? Are the author’s arguments convincing? Evaluate the sources the author has chosen as a basis for the book. Point out the strong and weak points of the book.
  12. Explain the significance of Roosevelt’s Conservation Policy.
  13. Analyze the domestic policies of Theodore Roosevelt. Did they respond to progressive demands?
  14. Why did Roosevelt encourage building the Panama Canal?
  15. Analyze the Theodore Roosevelt administration in the context of trusts, labor, and consumers.
  16. Analyze the articles “True Americanism” by T. Roosevelt and “Trans-National America” by R. S. Bourne. Which one do you agree with?
  17. How did the life of Theodore Roosevelt shape his role as a leader? How did he use his communication skills?
  18. Compare and contrast the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  19. Compare the ways in which liberal presidents (e.g. Theodore Roosevelt) and conservative presidents (e.g. William Howard Taft) governed.
  20. Explore how Theodore Roosevelt influenced the American identity through policies and public image.
  21. How has a particular policy, aspect, or practice affected the development of the US?
  22. Explain why Theodore Roosevelt should be in the hall of fame.
  23. How have individuals perceived Theodore Roosevelt’s accomplishments?
  24. Describe race relations during the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Topics

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only president to win the election four times. Roosevelt showed himself as an extraordinary and flexible politician. He clearly understood sensitive situations and was capable of following the tendencies and promptly reacted to the changing mood of all social groups. While remaining a loyal son of his class, Roosevelt did everything to preserve and develop the existing socioeconomic structure in the country and strengthen the dominant position of the United States throughout the world.

  1. Analyze Franklin Roosevelt’s dedication to his inauguration. Describe his attitudes towards the Great Depression. Provide some examples from his New Deal programs in relation to the points of the speech. Had he accomplished his goals?
  2. Explain why Franklin Delano Roosevelt should be considered one of the most influential US presidents of the 20th century. Include three of the strongest reasons.
  3. Analyze the document 
 Roosevelt” by Nagai Ryūtarō
. How would you evaluate Nagai’s arguments, based on your knowledge of Japanese and American history?
  4. Explain what impact Franklin Delano Roosevelt had on US society.
  5. How had Franklin Delano Roosevelt responded to the problems of the Great Depression?
  6. Analyze these two documents: “Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Successful Wartime Diplomacy” by Walter Kimball and “The Failure of Roosevelt’s Wartime Diplomacy” by John Harper.
  7. Analyze the book “From Munich to Pearl Harbor: Roosevelt’s America and the Origins of the Second World War” by David Reynolds.
  8. Discuss Executive Order 9066 in the context of Japanese American citizens. Can the president’s actions be justified?
  9. Explain how Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration had designed the Social Security Act.
  10. Compare and contrast the election campaigns of Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932.
  11. How did Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal influence the situation at the end of the Great Depression?
  12. Analyze Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms” speech.
  13. Compare and contrast the biography of Ronald Reagan and Franklin Roosevelt. Point out their historical significance.
  14. Define the effectiveness of Franklin Roosevelt’s foreign policy between 1933 and 1941. Can we state that the president was naive?
  15. Analyze Franklin Roosevelt’s renomination acceptance speech in 1936.
  16. Describe the programs of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. Explain why he created these programs.
  17. How has Franklin Roosevelt’s politics changed American history, and what lessons can be taken for modern times?
  18. What was the political background of Roosevelt’s transformative policies? Evaluate these policies and discuss their achievements.
  19. Compare and contrast the effectiveness of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society and Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal.
  20. Describe how Franklin D. Roosevelt utilized the veto.
  21. How did Franklin D. Roosevelt appeal to the nation about Pearl Harbor?
  22. Explain how Franklin Delano Roosevelt is depicted in Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.”
  23. How did Roosevelt mobilize resources to fight a two-front war?
  24. Has the election of Ronald Reagan signified the American views on government and society?
  25. Explain the difference between the Bill of Rights and the Second Bill of Rights (economic). Why did Roosevelt argue in favor of the new document? Create a link between freedom and insecurity.
  26. Compare the steps taken by Franklin Roosevelt for economic recovery and alternative plans proposed by Charles Coughlin and Huey Long.
  27. Do you agree that historians consider Franklin Roosevelt as having conservative views on government and economy?
  28. Describe the effectiveness of action of Franklin Roosevelt during World War II in the context of the economy and war.
  29. Compare and contrast Martin Luther King’s letter and Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms.”
  30. Compare and contrast the views of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman on the use of atomic bombs during World War II.

Eleanor Roosevelt Topics

Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of the 32nd US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and First Lady, from 1933 to 1945. She entered American history as a public and political figure, author of books, publicist, and diplomat. Eleanor is a prototype of the modern First Lady, who takes part in public life, demonstrates independence, and enjoys autonomy. Like none of her predecessors in the White House, she strengthened her prestige with her own achievements after the death of her husband.

  1. Describe the role of Eleanor Roosevelt played in human rights campaigns.
  2. Explain how Eleanor Roosevelt had convinced the United Nations to create The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. What arguments were the most powerful?
  3. How has Eleanor Roosevelt influenced the development of women’s rights? What actions were the most impactful?
  4. Explain the roles of Jane Addams, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Eleanor Roosevelt in feminist movements.
  5. Write a letter to Eleanor Roosevelt describing the hardships people of color experienced during the Great Depression. Explain the issues in the letter and ask for help.
  6. How has Eleanor Roosevelt affected the role of women in American politics?
  7. Explore the Eleanor Roosevelt biography. What qualities and events influenced her as a leader?
  8. Discuss the impact of Eleanor Roosevelt on history and society.
  9. How had Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt supported and complemented each other’s political activities and goals?
  10. Discuss the personal and public life of Eleanor Roosevelt.
  11. Make a review of the book by J. William T. Youngs: “Eleanor Roosevelt: A Personal and Public Life.”
  12. Make an analysis of the book “Eleanor Roosevelt: Vol. 1 1884-1933” by Blanche Wiesen Cook.
  13. Evaluate Eleanor Roosevelt’s worldview in the context of family, career, sexuality, and social issues.
  14. Explain the revolutionary role of Eleanor Roosevelt as a first lady.

We hope that our Roosevelt topics list helped you with finding an interesting topic to write about. Our aim is to help you find inspiration and overcome writer’s block. If you can’t manage the assignment on your own, you can always buy a persuasive essay from EssayBulls. All you need to do is send us the requirements for your paper and our writers will do the rest. We are here 24/7.

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