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How to Write a College Application Essay

Entering college is a difficult and intimidating goal that puts much pressure on applicants. And this risky venture can be navigated with the help of a college application essay, which is one of the most effective tools to enter the country’s leading universities. An application essay is a gateway for young people to begin their academic lives and set the pace for their professional development.

Writing a good college application essay defines your success as an applicant and makes a tremendous impact on the admission committee. This is what makes this part of applying to college so tremendous and significant. A compelling application essay is hard to create, which often exposes applicants to numerous pitfalls and challenges. The writing maestros of EssayBulls took note of this pressing issue that young people face and created a fully fledged guide on how to write a college application essay!

1. Start with the hook

How to start a college application essay? The admission boards of acclaimed universities receive thousands of applications annually. Thus, the odds are high that committee members are not very careful or attentive to all of the application essays they get. No, the committees take into consideration only the essays that grab their attention from the beginning. To capture them right from the start, you need to provide a powerful hook in the intro to your essay. In all solid college application essay examples you will check out, you will see that the authors, in the beginning of their pieces, use one smart tool expected to engage the reader, which is the hook.

As the hook of your application essay, you can use anything relevant that can captivate the reader.

2. Stick to the standards

As an academic paper, an admission essay has to be developed based on certain requirements and rules established to unify applications sent by future students. College application essay format is highly critical for an essay to make a good impression on the reader. Thus, as an aspiring and meticulous applicant, you need to follow the standards that apply to college admission essays. There are general standards set for application essays available on the internet, so be sure to find reliable sources with the provided standards and consider them when developing your essay.

Also, there often are specific rules and recommendations for application essays set by a particular establishment. If that’s the case, you have to give preference to the rules established by the particular college you’re applying to.

3. Mention your biggest achievements

In an application essay, you provide information about yourself that can help present you as a potential candidate for studying at the institution. This means that you need to include notable facts and milestones from your life that connect with your candidacy for a specific academic major. Be sure to let the committee know about your major wins, successes, and other accomplishments that add to your candidacy and present you as a potential student. If you experience any trouble figuring out what merits exactly you want to include in your piece, look for college application essay prompts online.

4. Be sincere

To make your application appealing, you need to be open and sincere when laying out important highlights from your life. Don’t exaggerate your achievements, and stay away from boastful writing. Sincerity is your key to winning the hearts of committee members, as it tells a lot about your candidacy as a potential student. That being said, you need to be yourself when writing a college application essay just like you do when talking to your parents and teachers.

Write Your Application Now!

As you can now see, writing an admission essay that will blow away the minds of the committee members is not as difficult as it seems. Yes, equipped with the crucial college essay tips we have provided, you will make progress with applying to the educational establishment of your dreams and set up your career!

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