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Tips for a Good Invitation Letter for Meeting

An invitation letter for meeting is a way to invite recipients to attend a particular event. This type of letter is quite common today, but unfortunately, many people still don’t know how to write them correctly. You should stick to the specific requirements.

First of all, this letter has a particular structure. The invitation letter for business meeting should always include:

  • Date of writing
  • Information of the sender and recipient
  • A polite appeal (“Dear John Smith,” “Dear Helen Seagull,” etc.)
  • Information on the basis for writing the invitation letter
  • Requests
  • Summing up

It should be noted that the formal invitation letter for business meeting can be addressed both to individual employees as well as to entire teams (the appeal can be limited to the greeting “Good afternoon/morning/evening!”).
You can write a letter both on a standard A4 sheet or on the letterhead of the company. The second option is used more often, since you don’t have to manually enter all the details of the organization. Moreover, in this way, a letter will look more professional and indicate that the message is a piece of formal correspondence.

When writing an invitation letter, you should carefully check the spelling and stick to the rules and standards of the English language. Recipients always notice how competently thoughts in the message are presented. People don’t want to spend more than a few minutes reading the letter.

The letter should be rather brief and succinct. Each new topic should be in the form of a separate paragraph. Of course, if the letter is long enough, it should be divided into paragraphs. Keep in mind that a concise letter will make a good impression on the recipient and show that the author appreciates his or her time.

Types of an Invitation Letter for Meeting

Types of invitations can be distinguished on several basics for classification.

By the name of the invitee, letters are divided into:

  • Registered
  • General for a group (usually, this type of letter is called “invitation letter for general meeting”)

By the format of the meeting:

  • Official
  • Unofficial

By purpose, invitations are divided into:

  • Private: birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, and engagement parties
  • Commercial: exhibitions, opening of shops, etc.

How to Write Invitation Letter for a Business Meeting: Structure

The letter of invitation for a meeting does not have any strict form. At the end of this article, you can find a sample invitation letter that you can use by individualizing it according to your specific circumstances.

The invitation letter consists of the following blocks arranged in logical order:

  1. The header, which indicates information about the sender and recipient of the invitation. If the letter is compiled on a letterhead, then it will already contain the details of the sender. Otherwise, the details will need to be indicated so that the invitee knows who the invitation comes from. The recipient information is also indicated here (full name, position, name of organization, or full name and address for an individual).
  2. Optionally, the title of the letter (“Invitation”) is indicated.
  3. In the center of the line, the appeal “Dear!” can be placed, indicating the name of the recipient.
  4. The text of the letter describes in detail the circumstances of the planned event (date, time, place, occasion), and also specifies the desire of the sender of the invitation to see the invitee at this event (interview, meeting). Note that the invitation may also be anonymized, for example, “We invite employees of the personnel department of your enterprise to participate in a free seminar on HR management.”
  5. Additional information is indicated (dress code, driving directions to the meeting place, a contact telephone number, necessary documents, etc.).
  6. A request is expressed to confirm participation (if necessary) and the time period by which this must be done. If participation in the event is paid, this must be indicated.
  7. Optionally, invitation cards, booklets, brochures, etc. can be indicated.
  8. The letter is completed with the signature of the author, his or her position, and full name.
    An invitation letter can be sent in person, by regular mail, or e-mail.

How to Write an Invitation Letter for Meeting for Negotiations

We all know that contacts are important in running a business. An invitation letter for a meeting for negotiations can be a mediator between counter parties. This letter informs the recipient that there is a willingness to organize negotiations. There is no standardized way to write it. However, you can focus on our tips to write a great invitation letter. There are requirements for business correspondence that you should stick to in order to avoid misinterpretation.

The letter should be:

  • Written in proper English, without any grammatical or stylistic mistakes.
  • Created in a formal business style. The tone of the letter should be exceptionally friendly, no matter what emotions the addressee experiences towards the recipient. It should show respect and desire to observe the interests of future negotiation, mutual benefit, and cooperation.
  • Written according to the ethical standards and rules accepted in letter writing.

Sample Letter for Meeting Invitation

Dear John Smith!

We invite you to take part in the celebration of World Health Day on April 7, 2020, at the Golden Alley restaurant at 499 Dundas St W, Trenton.

Invitation for a Meeting Letter Sample

Dear Daniel Pitt!

We invite you to visit the conference Changes in accounting and tax legislation in 2020, which will be held November 22, 2020 in the Conference Centre on the Thames at the following address: Westminster Pier, Victoria Embankment, London, SW1A 2JH.

You can use these rules for writing if you want to write a simple invitation letter for meeting. However, if you don’t want to write this letter yourself, you can get write my paper help on EssayBulls.com that you will definitely like. You won’t resist our high-quality work – our writers do their best to satisfy your needs!

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