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Examples of Autobiography Writing to Help Create a Great Biography

An autobiography is a piece of writing a person writes about their own life. Autobiographies that are more clearly and better written are more likely to work. How, then, can someone write an autobiography correctly? And in what sequence? Autobiography examples can answer these questions.

One of Our Autobiography Examples for College Students

I, John Smith, was born on February 29, 2000 in Missoula, Montana.

I studied from 2014 to 2018 at Sentinel High School. During my studies, I was actively involved in sports (basketball and volleyball club). In 2018, I graduated from school.

Since September 2018, I’ve been studying at Tallahassee Community College to gain a degree in engineering.

Marital status: Not married. No kids.

Father: Brad Smith, born in 1975. Software Engineer, Advanced Technology Group Inc.

Mother: Gloria Smith, born in 1979. Senior Tax Accountant, JCCS, P.C.

Brother: David Smith, born in 2007. Student at Meadow Hill Middle School, Missoula.

One of Our Autobiography Examples for High School Students

I, Aimie Molina, was born on October 13, 2005 in Long Beach, California. My mother is Aleeza Molina, a dentist in the Long Beach Medical Center, born in 1978. My father – Erik Molina, package delivery driver at Miracle Smile Delivery, born in 1969. My brother is Hubert Molina, a student of the California State University, born in 1994. In 2018, I enrolled at Long Beach High School, where I am currently studying. I am fond of athletics, and I take an active part in school life and extracurricular activities.

One of Our Autobiography Essay Examples

My name is India Marsden. At the moment I am 15 years old, and I’m studying at Reeltown High School in Notasulga, Alabama. Notasulga is my hometown, since I have been living here since childhood. My father and mother were also born here. When my parents met, they decided to start a family. Now, this family is already very large and friendly. In addition to my mom and dad, I have an older brother named Sean, who graduates this year, and a five-year-old sister, Jordyn.

I really love my brother and sister, and despite the age difference, we have many common interests. With Sean, we play board or computer games, and also attend the local pool, where my brother teaches me to swim. With Jordyn, we draw a lot and create beautiful paintings as gifts for our parents and other relatives. I myself study at an art school and really like to draw.

In addition to drawing, I have another great hobby—knitting. This art is also well mastered by my grandmother, who crochets amazingly, and my mother is proficient as well. Like them, I can knit scarfs; for example, I can make a stylish handbag and a fashionable hat for myself. Of course, I do not spend all my free time only with my family. I have friends I hang out with when we have free time.

I am a good student, and teachers say that I even have a chance to enroll at Tuskegee University, which I am planning to apply. But for this I need to devote more time to studying computer science because I want to choose this discipline as one of my majors. To get this done, my parents hired a tutor for me. I have been working with him for several months and am gradually beginning to feel the result. I hope I can still graduate with a high GPA, which will be another plus in my biography.

Each of use has a different image of an ideal autobiography, but these short autobiography examples help to understand clearly how to write it effectively. Also, one of the greatest ways to get a quality autobiography is to order it on EssayBulls.com writing service. A writer will make it according to your requirements as quickly as possible.

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