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A Guide to Writing a Good Invitation Letter for a US Visa

There’s one effective tool allowing US citizens to invite their loved ones and friends over – an invitation letter for a US visa. This letter provides the chance to open the doors for tourists from abroad to visit the Land of the Free. This official document allows potential travelers to visit the country with no legal obstacles they may face without having a welcome letter from their American patrons.

Although composing an invitation letter looks like a rather casual and easy process, it indeed exposes hosts (people who invite) to certain difficulties and challenges. For this reason, the experts of EssayBulls decided to develop a broad guide on how to write an invitation letter for a US visa.

1. Employ a Formal Style

First of all, you have to write in a formal style, using reserved, strict, and accurate language. Be sure to avoid expressive, flowery phrases and colloquial constructions and stick to clear, exact language. This important principle is hard to follow for those who are used to writing with stylistically rich and flamboyant language, preventing them from making their writing organized and formal. To make an invitation letter truly appealing, seasoned writers need to steer clear from their now misleading habits, while people who don’t practice writing on a regular basis need to adopt the rules of formal writing.

2. Be Exact

In your invitation letter for a US visa, you should provide only factually significant information that will be valuable to the officials in their decision on whether or not the visa applicant should enter the country. You have to eschew any redundant and emotionally driven statements that, in your opinion, contribute to presenting the applicant in a favorable light, but instead only serve to devalue your letter. Make sure to stay away from claims like “My friend should visit the USA as he has always admired its culture,” or “You should permit my cousin to travel to America because I haven’t seen her for ages!” Your invitation letter has to contain only valid, reason-based, and legally valuable information.

3. Make It Succinct

In their invitation letter, a person holding US citizenship is expected to substantiate the right for visiting the country of the potential visitor, providing the government with solid proof as to why a foreigner should be permitted to visit the United States. In this regard, as a legal document, your invitation letter for a visa needs to be brief and clear. Don’t make it lengthy and confusing, as this normally discourages the committee from getting to know the case better and makes it difficult to understand. Just as the formal style requires, write concisely and to the point. When providing the reader with the information on the applicant and their eligibility for receiving a visa, use only substantial claims that will convince officials of the applicant’s candidacy.

4. Be Certain to Provide Crucial Details

According to the generally approved and standardized format of visa invitation letters, every host must include some specifics in their letters. An invitation letter for a US visa should feature the following information related to the applicant’s stay in the country:

  • The purpose of the applicant’s visit.
  • The time period during which the applicant will be staying in the country.
  • Whether or not you will cover the applicant’s transportation expenses.
  • If you’re going to cover the expenses, indicate what percentage you will cover.

Are You Ready to Invite People Over?

Despite being complex and somewhat cumbersome, writing an invitation letter for a visa can be quite a seamless process as long as you follow the fundamentals we have provided in this guide. The primary rule of developing an invitation letter for a US visa is staying clear and exact, which will help you prove that the applicant is eligible for entering the country.

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