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Why Teenagers Run Away From Home: Essay Sample

What Makes Teenagers Run Away from Home?

In every individual’s life, the teenage years are considered the ones with the most struggles. This is the time in every young individual’s life where they go out into the world on their own trying to find out who they are. Through this phase of struggle, teenagers face many issues, such as emotional, physical, or even sexual abuse, which would make them run away from home.

Firstly, many teenagers face instances of emotional abuse at home. Since now they are not children, parents begin treating them like adults. This leads to a rift occurring between the two entities. Teenagers are unable to cope with the sudden nature of distance, causing them to struggle through this transition. “The typical Resolve parent had a teenager who smoked marijuana, drank alcohol, dropped out of school, or was truant and had run away from home at least once” (Godwin). To gain attention, they begin acting out in school or even in public; this is to ensure that they are able to feel a connection with their own parents who have taken a step back. At times, the parents’ reactions to such acts are what cause disdain towards the parental figures, urging the teenager to run away from home and live on their own.

Secondly, various teenagers also face physical abuse within the household setting. There have been many reported cases informing us about how teenagers were beaten up as a form of expressed parental frustration. “In the United States, teens have rates of abuse and neglect that are as high as or higher than those of young children—much of it at the hands of family members” (Rae Simpson). Teenagers are seen as adults by parents, so they subconsciously begin deeming it okay to take their frustration out on their children. When they were younger, this was not a considerable option, but over time, the mental capacity and patience of the parental figure changes as well. Keeping in mind the amount of stress teenagers undertake during this process, they begin feeling as if their only option is to leave their parents and their authority upon them.

Thirdly, sexual abuse is on the rise, especially in teenagers, since they are in the most vulnerable state. “An estimated 150 million girls and 73 million boys under the age of 18 have experienced forced sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual violence” (Rae Simpson). Unknowingly, teenagers end up causing long-term emotional harm. When they are out to have fun, they forget the basic rules of safety which at times, leads to situations such as rape. Female teenagers are usually blamed for such activities and are deemed as if it was their fault, and their reputation downgrades in society. While in the context of males, many parties refuse to believe that such circumstances would actually occur. With such emotional trauma, it is easier to get away rather than face it head first.

To conclude, the teen years are the most vulnerable years in any individuals life. They are neither children, nor adults, and are seeking to find their paths. They face various types of abuse, such as emotional, physical, and even sexual, which results in a negative, long-term impact on them. Due to these reasons, many teenagers chose to run away from home in search of a better life for themselves.

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