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Communism Essay: Three Evils of Communism

What people desire the most is for everyone to have food and shelter and a society that is free from sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression. However, in our current situation, this ideal reality is impossible. One proposal for this to be possible is through communism. But as it has its good intentions, communism also has disadvantages (Hoyt 2008).

One of the most significant disadvantages of communism is that it eliminates the free market (Amadeo 2018). The government sets the price of the goods and products of the suppliers in the market. Because of this, the Law of Supply and Demand is not considered in communism. This negates the suppliers to set the price according to what peaks the most and what does not. Because of this, there is often a surplus of one thing and shortages of others (2018).

One more example is that individual rights are restricted. As a result of this, people are not able to choose what they want to be. The job assigned to an individual depends on what the community needs to survive (Ayres n.d.). An individual may be good at writing stories but the community might need a technician.

The last example is that this system lets people be ignorant of the truth. The statement means that no information can be given to the public unless the government has screened the content of the message (Ayres n.d.).

Based on these three examples, even though the intention of communism is good, it negates the freedom of the community. As much as the community wants to evolve and improve, sacrificing their freedom to choose might be a bit overwhelming for the community thus communism will not really help.

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