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Check Out Our Pen Friend Letter Examples

Knowing the basis of informal written conversations is an essential skill for creating strong relations and a good impression. Students often underestimate the value of written etiquette and make a lot of mistakes as a result. In this sample student’s essay, written by essay writer service, you can see the most well-written dear friend letter example.

Students can’t negotiate the importance of email correspondence. The time at college or university contains the best years to improve communication skills and implement them in writing. If you are interested in more samples on how to have an influence on your collocutor, even in a personal letter, you can read more essay samples on any topic on our blog.

Most Thoughtful Examples of Appreciation Letters to a Friend

A friendly letter is a type of personal writing represented by personal correspondence, thank you letters, letters of congratulation, or condolences. All of these can be printed or handwritten. Formatting of a personal letter is similar to a business letter, but the differences are in style and punctuation (Morhacova).

Personal letter examples for a friend are often ignored by modern youth. With the development of digital technologies and social media and messengers, students can negotiate the basic rules of courtesy, not to mention orthography. In any case, a friendly letter format is a very important type of informal communication in written form. Knowledge of the techniques of proper letter writing for friends and family can build a great impression of the author. People often think if you are writing to your friend, you have to use only simple turns of speech, and they don’t pay enough attention to mistakes in grammar. This causes feelings of disrespect for your interlocutor, and he or she may have an unpleasant response your letter.

To have an understanding of how to impress your friends or family members with exquisite writing, everyone needs to follow a friendly letter format example. The next variants are researched and sorted by topics and occasions.

Email Format of Christmas Letter Examples to Family and Friends

This type of letter is full of gratitude and expresses a good mood before the holiday’s celebration. Let’s consider the type of Christmas letter to family members.

From: family@mail.com
To: george@mail.com

Subject: Christmas Wishes

Dear Mom and Dad

How are you? I hope you all are doing well. Even we all are excellent. I am writing this letter to you to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year as well. You all know that today’s world is a world of a hectic routine, and it is hard to meet someone in person on the occasion of any festival. As I am busy with my routine, I am not able to give personal wishes. So I thought of writing this letter to you as this is an excellent medium for sending messages. May this Christmas bring you all the success, and I hope that the coming year is full of opportunities and happiness for both of you. Good luck, follow you throughout the year, and may your life become magnificent. Kindly accept my wishes for this festival, and I also wish you Happy New Year 2020.

Hoping to meet you soon. Convey my blessings to everyone.

Yours sincerely


And this is the manner of writing a Christmas letter to a friend:

Dear Sean,

How are you? How is everyone at home? Hope all is well during this festive season. I’m sorry for not being able to keep in touch, college and life kept me busy, not that it’s an excuse worth giving.

Thought I would use this opportunity to reconnect with you. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. Let’s catch up sometime if you’re ever in town. I really miss the old days. They were happy and fun.

Do write sometimes. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas once again!

There are a lot of original ideas on how to impress friends and family only with a letter at Christmas Eve. Begin each paragraph with the letter that is part of a word. It must be a word, in short, you want to emphasize in relation to the addressee. For example, it can be the words LOVE or HAPPINESS.

Also, the author of the letter can arrange a quest for each member of the family or come up with funny headlines for each of your wishes to a dear friend.

Example of Sorry Letter to a Friend

The apology letter is very important, and it needs special attention to write it in the author’s unique manner. Meanwhile, this sorry letter to a friend example will help to create a good base and inspire the reader for new ideas. This type of letter can be written in electronic format, but considering that fact that apologies goes better while the addressee keeps the letter in hand, it is better to handwrite or to print this type of letter.

John Walsh
USA, New York
New York, E 24th St, 00070
Mar 12, 2020

Kylie Bryan
USA, Illinois
Chicago, W 50th St, 01234

Dear, Kylie

I am writing to apologize for the way I acted the other day. I admit it was a terrible mistake. I was wrong to invade your personal space. I realize that my actions cannot be justified, and I am sincerely sorry from the bottom of my heart. If I could turn back time, I would go back to that day and do things differently. I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me.

I value our friendship and would hate to see it go up in flames like that. We’ve been through a lot together, and I don’t like it when we fight. I know I hurt you, and that is why I am asking for your forgiveness. The past few days have been unbearable without talking or hearing from you. I miss laughing with you and crying with you, all the good times we’ve spent together, the trouble we’ve got into together, our silly little conversations. I miss you, Kylie.
All in all, I am honestly sorry from the bottom of my heart. I hope you can and will forgive me. I promise it won’t happen again. Let’s put all this behind us and start over. What do you say? Please, call me. I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you soon, my dearest friend.


Goodbye Letter to Best Friend Example

Goodbye is sometimes harder to say than words of apology. When a person is leaving or moving to a new home, it is important to say goodbye to friends. It will make friendship even stronger, and it can play a significant role in the future.

Dear Katrine,

The only thing constant in life is change. As much as we would like it to remain the same, it is time to say goodbye. Today as we part, I want you to know how much your friendship means to me. Distance may take us apart, but we will always be only a phone call away. We have lived and grown together, and now it is time to spread our wings and fly. But no distance can be as great, no mountain as tall and no seas as deep as to separate our hearts, which are now one.

As you get ready to move, I want you to know that you were the last person I was expecting at the door today, and it was nothing less than fantastic to have you! I may not have been able to gather the courage to say goodbye in person.
It is great that you are going to do what you love and love what you do for a living. If what you said is anything to go by, you are one of the lucky few who are fortunate to have great people for colleagues. Good on you, man!

I am also thrilled to know that your dad is doing really well after struggling for years and has now remarried. It is great that you will finally be taking the giant step of bridging the emotional distance that separates your half-sister and you. I am sure you two will make great friends once you open up and begin to trust each other.

Thank you for the thoughtful gift. It will always remind me of our friendship.

My best wishes to your extended family.
Take care, my friend, and stay in touch.
Goodbye until we meet again.

In the end, the author can include their signature, but it is optional.

One of the Most Inspiring Thank You Letter for a Friend Examples

The expression of gratitude is a crucial part of every relation, even if people know each other for a long time. Definitely, it is impossible to express thankfulness unemotionally in writing a letter to a friend example. That’s why people often use a lot of words to express all the feelings they have in their hearts. This part of a thank you letter for a friend can touch the thinnest strings of the soul of who will read it:

…So thank you for accepting me, loving me, and supporting me. Thank you for being your wonderful self, and thank you for being there for me through thick and thin, even when I’m at my lowest. Thank you for shining your brilliant light into my life and illuminating my world.

Oh, and thank you for being my maid of honor. I know I won’t need to ask you for a while, but you had to know it was coming, right?

Thank you for being the godmother to my future children, the sister to my family, and another daughter to my parents.

And finally, thank you for being the best for my friend.



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