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How to Write a Global Warming Essay and Avoid Failure

Global warming, huh? Maybe you should pick an easier topic for your essay? You see, this is serious. This problem has numerous aspects, and there are even more contradictory points of view on this topic.

If you’re going to write a global warming essay despite all the possible difficulties, we want to give you a reliable starting point – a simple but helpful guide. You’ll find here step-by-step instructions, useful tips, a list of inspirational topics, and even some sources for your writing. You’re welcome!

How to Write a Global Warming Essay Step by Step

Planning is awesome. Plans make our lives more organized and productive. If you don’t know where to start your global warming essay or how to complete it successfully, the instructions below might come in handy:

Step 1: The thesis statement of the global warming essay

Your thesis statement is a starting point for the entire essay. It establishes the structure and logic of your writing and doesn’t allow you to lose your way. The thesis statement shows what topic you’re going to develop and how exactly you’re going to do this.

For example, let’s say your topic is the impact of rising temperatures on the fauna of the polar regions. Your thesis statement might look like the following: “Rising temperatures has a negative impact on the fauna of polar regions, as it causes the rapid melting of ice and extinction of polar species.”

Step 2: The main body of the global warming essay

The main body of the essay consists of several ideas united by a common theme. Each idea should be developed in a separate paragraph. Moreover, you have to enforce each idea with arguments like statistical data, real-life examples, quotations from reliable sources, etc. Don’t forget that your readers need to follow your logic and thoughts easily, so you should add transitional words and phrases. The order of your paragraphs has to be relevant to your thesis statement.

Step 3: The introduction of the global warming essay

Surprisingly, you don’t have to write the introduction first. The introductory part has to be relevant to your main body. You have to admit that it’s easier to make a short part of your text when it’s relevant to a longer part. Your introduction should include your thesis statement, your topic, and the hook.

Step 4: The conclusion of the global warming essay

Your conclusion has to remind your readers why they’ve read your essay. Paraphrase your thesis statement and restate each section of your essay briefly. You may also add recommendations for your readers or suggestions related to the further development of this topic.

As you see, the writing process isn’t that hard. Step by step, you’ll complete your global warming essay and get a good grade. However, we want to make your writing even better. Read the following tips and polish your text!

8 Hot Tips for Your Global Warming Essay

• Use only reliable sources

Global warming is a serious problem, but it’s also a source of fake news at the same time. Therefore, you should be very accurate when you gather information for your global warming essay. Avoid Wikipedia articles, personal blocks, and local newspapers.

• Stick to the formatting style

The most common formatting styles are MLA, APA, and Chicago. If your instructor hasn’t specified the required format, ask him or her to clarify this aspect. If you don’t stick to the necessary formatting style, you’ll get a lower grade.

• Write in separated paragraphs

Use the golden rule: one idea equals one paragraph. In such a way, your thoughts will be more structured, and your readers will follow the flow of your thoughts easily.

• Use concise wording

Going in a roundabout way is good when you participate in debates and don’t have anything smart to say. Academic writing requires conciseness and clarity.

• Avoid passive voice

When you use passive voice, your arguments and statements sound indecisive and weak. However, if you want to make emphasis on the subject, not on the action, you can use passive voice.

• Make it short

Shorter sentences are easier for understanding. Perhaps, longer phrases sound more academic, but they don’t make your global warming essay better.

• Don’t use jargon or contractions

You’re not talking to your BFF when you write your essay. Academic writing doesn’t allow the use of jargon, contractions, exclamations, or other elements of colloquial language.

• Proofread and edit your essay

It may sound boring, but the editing process is invaluable. Grammar and spelling mistakes can spoil even the most original and fresh ideas. Don’t be lazy and edit your paper carefully!

In addition to practical advice, you also need a variety of trustworthy sources. They’ll be a great starting point for your global warming essay.

10 Helpful Sources for Your Global Warming Essay

Gathering of information for your global warming essay can take more time than the whole writing process. The problem is that the internet is full of garbage, and it’s hard to find the pearls of valuable data in this mud, especially when it comes to debatable topics.

You’ll probably find tons of fake news, blog posts, and Wikipedia articles about global warming. Please, don’t fall into this trap. Use reliable sources such as scientific articles, reputable newspapers, and official documents. You can also cite documentaries if you consider them to be trustworthy sources.

  1. The Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
  2. Article about US-Canada agreement on fighting with climate change (Scientific American).
  3. Minnesota Woodlands and Climate Change.
  4. “The Crossroads of Climate Change” by Kathleen Weflen.
  5. Climate change and national security (Rolling Stone).
  6. The effect of global warming on Hurricane Harvey (The Atlantic).
  7. Global Warming: Who Loses – and Who Wins? (The Atlantic).
  8. Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math (Rolling Stone).
  9. A Fragile World (documentary).
  10. Why we’re heading for a ‘climate catastrophe’ (BBC Newsnight).

Good sources = a good essay. The final thing you need is one of our brilliant global warming essay topics. Make your choice and get to work!

Global Warming Essay Topics for Inspiration

Global warming is a problem on a global scale. It influences many spheres of human life: industry, business, economics, health, agriculture, and more. Therefore, the most popular category is global warming cause and effect essays. But you can also pick argumentative, analytical, expository, or persuasive essays. Anyway, we hope that our ideas will be helpful.

  1. The positive and negative effects of global warming on American industry.
  2. Does the greenhouse effect provide both positive and negative effects on the Earth’s environment?
  3. Will human physiology change because of global warming?
  4. The impact of rising temperatures on the fauna of the polar regions.
  5. Can global warming cause population shift?
  6. Why do some countries ignore the problem of global warming?
  7. How does global warming affect hurricane frequency and intensity?
  8. Is global warming caused by human intervention or natural changes?
  9. Pick one of the mitigation strategies for global warming and provide a profound analysis of its effectiveness.
  10. Why do some people deny the existence of global warming?

Well, that’s all. We’re glad that you’ve read the whole article, and we’re sure that it’ll help you to make your global warming essay amazing. It will be amazing anyway, because you’re amazing!

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