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A Quick Guide on How to Write an Essay on Human Trafficking

If the teacher has assigned you to write a human trafficking essay, but you have no idea what to write about – you will either buy college essays or this article should help you! Here we have gathered relevant information that will kick-start your writing.

To write an excellent human trafficking essay, you need to find a relevant topic to discuss. In the following sections, we will give you a list of topics, arguments for a thesis statement, and an essay sample, all of which you can use as a basis for your essay.

Before you proceed to the next section, look through the available information about human trafficking. You can explore the statistics reports from the UN and International Labor Organization to get a feel for the scope of the issue and analyze current trends. Also, we advise you to read articles in popular newspapers and blogs to see how the problem of human trafficking is highlighted in mass media. All this will help you have a better understanding of the topic and information available, as well as define the issues interesting to you.

Arguments for a Human Trafficking Essay

Many people are not aware of human trafficking and still may consider it as sex exploitation. In fact, this term involves a significant number of issues that occur among men, women, and children worldwide. Here are some ideas that you can use as a thesis statement in your human trafficking essay introduction.

  • The use of desperate individuals for unwanted sex is a violation of human rights.
  • If you don’t oppose human trafficking, it may also happen to you.
  • Human trafficking is about making someone suffer and neglecting someone’s feelings.
  • Legalizing prostitution won’t stop human trafficking, because prostitution is only one of the components of human trafficking.
  • Human trafficking involves child labor, and breaks child labor laws.
  • Human trafficking is an absence of morality.
  • Forced marriage: people should have the freedom to choose the person to marry.
  • Human trafficking is an international crime industry that operates billions of dollars.
  • Human trafficking is near to slavery.
  • The porn industry fuels both sex exploitation and human trafficking.

Human Trafficking Essay Topics

Human trafficking involves many issues that can be addressed in your essay or research paper. Here are some ideas that you can use as a source of inspiration in your paper:

  1. Should we legalize prostitution to reduce sex slavery?
  2. Analyze the situation of human trafficking in a particular region (e.g. Russia).
  3. Explore the position of Nigeria on human trafficking.
  4. How can we protect women from human trafficking?
  5. Explore the legal situation in various countries on human trafficking.
  6. Describe human trafficking in different periods of time.
  7. Why we should consider human trafficking a new form of slavery.
  8. How does human trafficking impact American society today?
  9. Describe the types of human trafficking and methods to fight them.
  10. Explain why human trafficking affects the economy.
  11. Describe the situation of human trafficking in Africa.
  12. Does human trafficking fuel pornography?
  13. Discuss the effect of Palermo in regards to fighting human trafficking in the UK.
  14. Explore how mafia organizations (e.g. Yakuza) influence human trafficking.
  15. Analyze the situation of human trafficking of children in Latin America, China, etc.
  16. Is there a difference between human trafficking and enslavement?
  17. Does Bitcoin fuel the human trafficking market?
  18. Describe the ethical issues connected to human trafficking.
  19. Compare and contrast the situation with human trafficking in the US and China.
  20. Explore the bias in human trafficking.
  21. Explore the case with human trafficking in one particular US state.
  22. Why do runaway and homeless girls become victims of human trafficking?
  23. Compare the strategies used to fight human trafficking in the US and Latin America.
  24. Explain the peculiarities of the assessment and treatment of human trafficking victims.
  25. Human trafficking and issues connected to illegal migration.
  26. Compare and contrast human trafficking and cybercrime.
  27. Explain how globalization affects human trafficking.
  28. Analyze the situation with LGBT people and human trafficking.
  29. Is there any progress in restoring the freedom of human trafficking victims in the US?
  30. Compare and contrast drug trafficking and human trafficking.
  31. The history of illegal organ transplantation in the context of human trafficking.
  32. How is social media used in human trafficking?
  33. Discuss the global patterns of human trafficking.
  34. Describe how internet privacy issues can lead to human trafficking.
  35. Analyze the relation of global inequality to human trafficking rates.
  36. Explore the history of human trafficking in Middle Eastern countries.
  37. How can you personally fight human trafficking?
  38. How does human trafficking around the world affect the US?
  39. Define the reasons for why human trafficking exists.
  40. How is human trafficking organized?
  41. Explore how human trafficking affects women’s and children’s health in Southeast Asia.
  42. Define the methods of prevention and prosecution against human trafficking in conflict-affected zones.
  43. Analyze the response of the US police officers to human trafficking, exploitation, and forced labor.

Human Trafficking Argumentative Essay Example

In the text below, one of our essay writers has discussed one of the urgent issues connected to human trafficking. You can use this sample as a guideline, study the transition words, and use the information from the text (as you do when you order English essays for sale). And be careful: don’t copy the text without changes to avoid plagiarism.

Why Can We Not Stop Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is one of the most profitable criminal businesses, exceeded only by drug trafficking and arms trade. Today, many countries actively create a legislative base, increase social awareness, and fight against human trafficking. But despite all actions, the levels of human trafficking do not decrease.

According to statistics from the International Labor Organization, there are more than 40 million victims of human trafficking around the world (“Global Estimates of Modern Slavery”). Among the victims are those connected to sexual exploitation, forced labor, organ removal, forced marriage, and other crimes. Some forms of exploitation dominate in particular regions, while sex exploitation is geographically widespread.

One of the methods to fight human trafficking is creating a strong legislative basis. According to the UN report, more than 90% of countries have laws concerning the criminalization of human trafficking (“Global Report on Trafficking in Persons”). Unfortunately, the number of human trafficking victims has increased, while the number of prosecuted traffickers remains the same. So, what are the reasons for why we cannot decrease the rates of human trafficking?

The spread of human trafficking is related to poverty in many countries, limited access to education and social protection, segregation in the labor market, and the presence of military conflicts. The quantity and nature of human trafficking are hard to detect, and the main reasons may differ from one region to another. For example, the situation of human trafficking in the US dramatically differs from the situation in Nigeria.

The main problems of prevention and detection of this type of crime are that not all victims are able or willing to apply for the protection of their rights. Many victims don’t know where to ask for help or don’t know the language. Also, there are obstacles in the communication between law enforcement authorities in different countries.

In conclusion, the real number of victims of human trafficking is much higher than those provided by international organizations. To combat human trafficking, it is necessary to organize the cooperation of governments in this area, decrease the level of poverty, improve the level of education, and create an effective system of social protection of human trafficking victims.

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We hope that all the information from this article will boost your writing. All you need is to choose a topic, collect data, and write a well-structured essay! In any case, you can ask the EssayBulls writers to help you. Pay for an essay on our website to get your homework done painlessly. We are here for help 24/7.

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