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How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay Regardless of Experience

Thanks to our complete guide on creating an effective five-paragraph essay, your professor will appreciate it. In this article, you will find excellent ideas on rubrics and clearly understand how to plan a 5-paragraph essay outline that will result in a perfect first draft of your paper. This guide will change your vision on essay writing regardless of the experience you’ve gained. Read on to get a 5-paragraph essay template in addition to a handful of ultimate tips and hacks from leading experts.

What are the particularities of a 5-paragraph essay?

We will proceed with making it precisely clear how to define the 5-paragraph essay format. Do not miss out, assuming that the essay’s body must contain five paragraphs, as it is not precisely so. The structure of a 5-paragraph essay is standard: an introduction section, a body that consists of three paragraphs, where each of them has a particular goal, and finally, the conclusion section. Another word for such essays is a “hamburger” essay because of its specific structure.

How to write a five-paragraph essay?

Below, we will discuss the main highlights of five-paragraph essay writing, making it clear by breaking the process into pieces. You will get a straightforward plan of action and will be able to complete an assignment no matter what the topic is.

Set an effective topic

Any successful essay needs a good topic that inspires you as an author. From time to time, you have a vast choice of your teacher’s subjects and topics. In such a case, all the details are in the instructions for your assignment. However, sometimes you have to state a topic by yourself. Try to be proactive in searching for great topics. For example, if you were discussing something amusing in the classroom, go on and ask your teacher to give you this subject to explore deeper in a 5-paragraph essay.

Provide research

Now it is time to look for information that relates to the subject and can support your topic. Read all the relevant materials you can reach. If needed, ask your teacher questions. After you have gathered all data, evaluate the most sufficient and relevant details. Analyze the results of the research to be able to form your opinion and statements.

Define the statements

Define the main statement and the supportive statements of the essay. This point depends on the essay type and the subject (topic). The successful 5-paragraph essay has to support the main idea of the paper with three solid supportive statements. Again, make sure that the topic you pick allows you to formulate the main thesis and three supportive statements. Each of these statements would be dedicated to one of the paragraphs of the essay’s body. That is why it is crucial to understand the idea before you will proceed forward.

Plan the structure

Stepping a bit back from this article’s subject, we need to mention that any paper with an effective outline would succeed much more than a paper without a solid pre-planned structure. When you train yourself in writing outlines for a 5-paragraph essay, you will be able to create any complex papers from articles to blog posts in the future.

Here is a perfect way to create a structured outline for your essay in several simple steps:

  • Introduction. Remember your main thesis and mention it in this section briefly.
  • 1st body paragraph. Present your first supportive statement shortly.
  • 2nd body paragraph. Identify your second supportive statement.
  • 3rd body paragraph. Declare the third supportive idea to support your main thesis statement.
  • Conclusion. Finalize the essay by presenting the connection between the previous four paragraphs and underlining the central statements.

Write your five-paragraph essay

Now you have a perfect outline that might even result in an effective draft of a five-paragraph essay. It is time to make your paper cohesive and consistent. Plan your time effectively to dedicate enough time for writing, as your goal would be to make each section strong and build the bonds between each paragraph of the paper.


An introduction will present the main idea but will not show it all. The author aims to catch the attention of readers with unexpected details. This hook can reveal some of the following supporting statements, but only a little bit. Such stimulation of the audience’s interest would engage them into reading forward.

1st body paragraph

Present your first supportive idea. We recommend starting from the less powerful statement to lead readers to the stronger ones later. Another way to write this section is simply stating your own opinion. Finalize the paragraph with a cohesive transition to the next section of your 5-paragraph essay.

2nd body paragraph

Now you can expose the second supportive statement that would lead the readers closer to declaring the closing statements. If you have given your opinion in a previous section, it is time to expose the opposite view. Also, provide cohesive words in the final sentence to help process the next section.

3rd body paragraph

It is time to present the most robust of your supportive statements to give your readers an idea of why the main thesis is correct. If you were expressing various opinions previously, then explain why you have disagreed with the opposite one.


Close up by underlining the connection between the main idea and three supportive statements from each paragraph. Make sure you did not add any new facts in the final section of the paper. In other words, you need to develop and expose an adequate answer to the question “So what?”

More Hacks on Creating a 5-Paragraph Essay

  • Read the instructions from your teacher patiently. From time to time, teachers use 5-paragraph essay rubrics to define the level of students’ writing performance. Pay attention to particular sections of the instructions.
  • Editing is key to high grades. Do not ever skip this essential stage of writing, and be patient when editing your paper. Use effective online instruments that can boost your essay and update the paper in terms of the correct style.
  • Take breaks regularly, and do not overload your schedule. It would help if you had time to rest, eat, drink enough water, and be of sound mind to create good texts.
  • Explore more new areas, be interested in new subjects, and develop your reading habits. All this would help you to become a better writer.

Five Paragraph Essay Sample You Would Be Happy With

Using Online Advertisement as a Marketing Tool in the Example of Facebook

Interaction between organizations and their customers has changed extensively since the emergence of the internet. Online advertising, especially on social networks such as Facebook, has become a tool for marketing (Palma 21). This essay discusses the means of promoting effectiveness of using Facebook in marketing.

According to Schwarzl and Grabowska, customers are more likely to buy from companies that they follow on social media sites such as Facebook (189). Whether purchasing items online or physically in stores, customers today explore social media sites first for brands from which to purchase. Companies have to present content that supports their brands and simplifies information for the audience (Al-Ghamdi, Al-Hadban, and Al-Hassoun 1822). Moreover, Al-Ghamdi and colleagues explain that besides proper branding, organizations can maximize the effectiveness of Facebook marketing by mixing various types of content (1822). In addition to using text, firms can use banner advertisements. Visual content is attractive, breaks the monotony of text, and is more memorable. Therefore, a mix of such content attracts more people to ads and could potentially increase sales.

Finally, making content interactive increases the effectiveness of Facebook in marketing. Facebook, being a social media site, is meant for interactions. As such, brands have to engage their customers, respond to incoming queries, and keep content as engaging as possible. This tactic presents a positive brand image and enables organizations to understand their customers’ needs.
In conclusion, Facebook is a useful tool for marketing as long as organizations present their content appropriately. Advertisements placed on the site have to represent the company’s brand, including different types of content, and be interactive.

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