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How to Find Writing Inspiration and Believe in Yourself

Do you want to start writing, but the muse is passing you by? Do not panic. We will tell you how to find writing inspiration. Do things that help you get in the mood. Find something to surprise yourself. Laugh. Cry. Dream while washing the dishes. Open a diary written a decade ago and read a story that seemed silly.

How to Shake Up the Imagination

Each author has his or her own sources of creativity. Friedrich Schiller needed the smell of rotten apples to write, Victor Hugo had no clothes on his body, and Honore de Balzac had strong coffee on an empty stomach. Also, Charlotte Bronte did not work without peeling potatoes.

Who Is Visited by Inspiration for Writing

Curious, inquisitive, and motivated people are visited by inspiration. Dreamers living with eyes wide open become inspired. Those who care about everything receive inspiration. Those who look, consider, hear, and listen are visited by inspiration. Also, it visits those to whom feelings are more valuable than reason.

Epiphanies do not simply come. Why? Perhaps it’s not the right time. Maybe you have nothing to say to the world. Or, writing is not your direction. Here’s a tip: go to the bookstore. The shelves, filled with volumes of modern authors and classics, will help you. Switch off your ambitions, turn on common sense, and ask yourself a question: “Is my writing good enough?”

Maybe there is no reason to wait for inspiration?

Should I Write With Complete Peace of Mind?

Reading recipes are as boring as spinach, especially when you do not know how to cook. The same case is with writing. A talented person will not keep himself in a plot built according to the laws of mathematics. A book with characters spelled out like definitions in an anatomy textbook would urge you to throw it in the closet.

In order to maintain a creative form, you need intensive nutrition for the brain, heart, organs of sense, as well as the elusive substance called the soul. Without inspiration, you won’t be able to cope with it. But how do you do it the right way? Check out our tips on how to find inspiration in writing.

Top Tips on How to Get Writing Inspiration

  1. Engage in “human studies” and other similar exercises. Pay attention to the details, emotions, and contexts of situations. This is not idle curiosity, but a gold reserve for future works.
  2. Read good literature. Watch how the author handles writing, and try to understand how he or she thinks. Save the best books for your archive so you can return to them in the future.
  3. Be interested in theatrical performances, movies, concerts, and exhibitions. Other creative works can be a powerful motivator for your own creative energy.
  4. Do not hesitate to write things that are “about nothing” and “for no one.” Time will not pass in vain. You will sharpen your writing, learn to work, and relieve your head from overwhelming thoughts. And inspiration will come soon.
  5. Read biographies of famous writers. Looking at the world through the eyes of famous writers, analyze what could make them pick up a blank sheet of paper and start writing.
  6. Wildlife is perfection and an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Even an ordinary wolf, if it is White Fang, can bring the admiration and love of fans.
  7. Before you start writing, spend a day of silence or a week of solitude. Change brings contrast, energizes, and gives rise to new ideas.
  8. Constantly generate themes for your writing, make storylines, create images of heroes, and build dialogues. There will be a lot of rubbish, but it’s quite normal. You will edit your writing later.
  9. Throw away despondency from yourself, otherwise a flame will never ignite from a spark.
  10. Do not ask a writer how to find inspiration. Live so that inspiration looks for you!

More Ways to Find Inspiration for Writing

  • Look for inspiration in other people’s work.

Try to be inspired by your colleagues. If you are a writer, read through books. You can avoid thoughts like these: “How well written! I’m sure I could never write in such a way.”

  • Do technical work

If writing is difficult for you at the moment, start copying something. Are you writing an article? Start rewriting someone else’s article on the same topic. A necessary thought can turn the plot of an article to a completely different direction.

  • Participate in contests

This can be very motivating. An article for a contest will carry more motivational impact than for your blog.

  • Find your place in the city

We do not mean a particular place. It must be something that is in any city wherever you go. For example, this can be a river. Wherever you are, you can go with a notebook and a pencil to the river. In the summer, you can even stay there writing for a few hours.

  • Start listening to classical music

Write while you are listening to music. Infiltrate it and try to understand it. At first, it may seem boring, but the charge of inspiration received from it is incredible.

  • Improve your life

Please yourself even in empty moments, and not just on holidays. Instead of cooking dinner, try to order food at home once a week. This will save you a couple of hours of free time to sleep and rest. Start to simplify your life – this is the first thing that will give you the resources for inspiration. Even small, pleasant purchases that improve some aspects of life can help. For example, such purchases can be a fabric softener with a wonderful aroma, a set of new cutlery, or at least a new hairstyle!

  • Have fun

You can give yourself strength by making a list of things you enjoy and planning some of them for the next week or month.

  • Set yourself a goal

In our case, the goal relates to writing. Find out what you need to implement it: study the information about those who have already achieved what you want, and what qualities helped them in successful writing. Divide the goal into steps necessary to achieve it! Helping yourself is easy. A great journey begins with the first step: do not be afraid to begin. Be consistent in action and do not get ahead of yourself. Achieving a big goal is a difficult task that requires a lot of time, patience, and strength. In this matter, motivation is important.

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