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Financial Aid for Online Colleges

Online education is becoming more popular every year. Many experts say that online learning is in no way inferior to classical education, and in general, the future belongs to distance learning. Online education allows people to earn a college degree anywhere in the world, literally from the comfort of their home. At the same time, you can study in a convenient schedule and combine study with work and other responsibilities.

As online education becomes more in demand, students are increasingly interested in online colleges with financial aid. Despite the fact that with this educational format, students do not even attend the college campus, they can still apply for financial support.

If you are looking to get distance education, we will tell you about online colleges that offer financial aid. This will help you save a lot on learning.

  • American University Online Program Scholarships. All students enrolled in the American University of Washington online programs automatically take part in the scholarship competition. Getting financial aid for college students is available to those who study economics, communications, public administration, health management, nutrition, counterterrorism, and national security.
  • Berklee Online Music Scholarships. Each year, the Berklee College of Music awards 16 scholarships of $1,500 to the best students enrolled in online programs who have a GPA of 3.7 or higher and have already completed their first year of study.
  • Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Welch Scholarship. This is a good option for students who are looking for online college with financial aid refunds. New students pursuing an online Master of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health are eligible for a $20,000 Welch Scholarship. The award is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the School of Public Health and is being paid out gradually, partially covering the cost of study.
  • University of Edinburgh Online Distance Learning Scholarships. The Scottish University of Edinburgh is one of the European leaders in online education. The university offers a wide range of scholarships for distance learning students. Most of them are in the field of medicine and health care. Students who study neurology, ophthalmology, pharmaceuticals, surgery, general medicine, patient safety, and other medical disciplines are able to receive financial assistance. Special scholarships are also available to students of online graduate programs in all subjects. Scholarships range from partial to full tuition coverage. Some of them are provided automatically, while others require a special application to be submitted to the university.
  • Penn State World Campus Scholarships. Penn State World Campus is an online division within Pennsylvania State University and has been voted one of the best financial aid online universities. The online campus offers over 200 programs in areas such as business, design, IT, psychology, humanities, etc. For students enrolled in the online campus for undergraduate programs, the university offers scholarships that partially cover the cost of tuition. Students must demonstrate a GPA of 2.0 or higher, as well as a need for financial assistance.
  • Washington State University ASWSU Global Scholarship. WSU Global Campus, an online campus within the University of Washington, in partnership with ASWSU Global (Associated Students of WSU Global Campus), offers specialized scholarships for online students in a variety of fields. The scholarship of $1,000 per semester is provided for one year. Students with the academic performance of a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and those who need financial assistance, can apply for the scholarship. To receive a scholarship, you must submit a separate application with accompanying documents and a motivational essay at least two weeks before the start of study.
  • UNICAF Scholarships. UNICAF offers special financial aid for online classes for students of all nationalities pursuing online higher education. Scholarships are awarded in different sizes based on students’ academic performance and the ability to independently pay for their studies. Students of online programs at the University of South Wales, Marymount California University, University of Nicosia, University of Suffolk, the University of Liverpool, and a number of other educational institutions are eligible to participate in the competition for scholarships.

With these online colleges that have financial aid in mind, you can make the right choice for your needs. Some of them require writing an admission essay. If you have problems with writing, you can get essay writing help on EssayBulls.com. You can use a paper written by one of our writers as a sample for writing your own essay.

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