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How to Analyse A Case Study Paper

One of the most complicated written assignments category are tasks connected to researches. It is impossible to write from scratch without conducting a broad topic investigation with numerous sources of engagement. This article will provide some essential tips on how to analyse a case study effectively.

What is a case study paper?

A case study paper is a form of research done to define a problem and examine all the possible solutions determining the most effective of them. It is vital to show strong arguments to prove the chosen solution. In case you need more information on how to write a persuasive case study paper, read our previous article on how to write a case study to refresh your knowledge. Here are some essential hacks on how to write a case study analysis that will meet all the standard requirements:

  • Get familiar with the case and its thesis statement

A case study can be connected to an industry or a particular company, to a person or a project. Make sure that you understand the problematics clearly. Ask your teacher or supervisor for more instructions if needed. Underline the investigation’s key points, create an outline with a short draft, and think over the sources to find relevant solutions. Prepare everything you need to examine the problem from each side.

  • Define the primary purpose of the analysis

To focus your investigation, you will need to choose the core points of the case problematics. Read the thesis statement and preformulate the answer you are looking for. It must be a solution that will resolve the problem.

  • Find the subproblems leading to the main problem

There must be up to five different vital subproblems to dig deeper into them. Decide how to analyze a case study in the context of each of these subproblems.

  • Examine all possible solutions to each of the subproblems

Study all existing sources on the case study problematics. You need to engage as many resources as possible to volumize your research. Apply to online sources as well as to offline ones. These can be such sources as:

– blogs
– podcasts
– vlogs
– books
– interviews
– journals
– newspapers
– academic papers

Note that it is unnecessary to find a working solution for each subproblem, but you will need to show your awareness and explain why these subproblems are unresolvable.

  • Choose a working solution that will lead to resolving the main problem

You will need to explain what solution fits the case study main problem the best at this stage. Explain the reasons why it is chosen, and show all the evidence leading to this solution. Make sure that the answer is realistic and practical. It is better to include a theoretical base combining it with relevant practical cases (if there are any).

  • Provide recommendations on how to apply the solution

After you have proved your solution to the case study problematics, recommend how to implement it. For example, explain the essential steps in a short guide. Provide some ideas on initial actions. Identify the strategy and the roles of participants who will be in charge of its embedding.

To wrap up, let us say that you need to investigate a problem deeply, examining it from each side to provide a quality case study analysis. You will also require to look over the alternative solutions to the problem and define the most effective among them. The effectiveness of a chosen solution must be supported by substantial evidence.

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