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The Attraction of K-Pop Music and Bands Essay Sample

It is hard to argue the reasons that explain why young Korean musicians have gained worldwide popularity so fast. One the surface, it is evident that they are highly attractive, and numerous groups of teenagers follow their style. People always like to listen to something new. Musical generations change in the same way as generations of humankind. History has showed this fact when the popularity of jazz passed to rock-n-roll.

A well-chosen scenic image can create a miracle with the successful combination of a powerful voice. This style brings to mind Elvis Presley, with his energizing movements and bright scenic style, as one of the central roles of impact on the audience in its visual charm. The same we can say about the music and performance of The Beatles. These musicians have introduced their iconic style to many young boys and girls from different parts of the world. It was impossible to imagine the day when new stars would outshine the music stars of the last century. Surely, K-pop stars have different music styles and visual presentations. Meanwhile, their success is only comparable with such a phenomenon as Beatlemania, when the Beatles reached a wide audience in such a short time.

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The Impact of K-Pop on American Music

In a world of widening globalization, the K-pop music genre has made serious inroads into the US pop music scene. Born and nurtured in South Korea in the 1990s, K-pop, a musical hybrid, incorporates a unique Asian pop sound with many musical genres. Its popularity extends far beyond ethnic musical tastes and preferences. It is clear at this point that K-pop in the United States is well on its way to becoming a main player in the American pop music industry.

The proof of its popularity is in its growing number of fans. “Superstars like BTS are scoring megahits and selling out U.S. stadiums” (Wang). Within 6 years, between 2012 and 2018, the astutely publicized Kcon tour grew from “a few hundred curious fans and locals….to more than 125,000” (Wang). While the K-pop fan base is largely Asian, and its image is a product of social media promotion and intense visibility marketing, music pundits familiar with the industry project a different view. “Korean acts [are] ever nearer to the forefront of American pop” (Herman). Over the past year, three BTS albums worked their way to number one on the music charts and attained the American Music Award (AMA) for Best Group. BTS is also the first group in one year to have three albums in the number one position on the charts since the Beatles (Lanyon).

It is clear from all appearances that K-pop has arrived as a valid musical genre in the US. As with the popularity of such genres as Latin music, and the US as a construct of multiple ethnicities, K-pop will take its rightful place in the US musical lexicon.

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