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College Research Essay Topics Ready To Use

Creating research papers takes a lot of time and skill, as you have to evaluate and analyze vast amounts of relevant data defining key findings to use. To ease the lives of students, we collected the ultimate list of good research essay topics for college on several disciplines, including law, chemistry, sociology, culture and art, psychology, economics, and plenty more. We believe that our ideas would make your research essays effective and excellent.

What is a research essay?

Let us make it clear on the terminology first. A research essay is a college paper that must provide the audience with results on researches. The structure of such essays must be well organized. That is vital to synthesize the information and make sure the data are actual and relevant to a chosen topic. When it comes to stating good research essay topics for college, there must be a balance between a narrow niche and a subject that is not so well researched. Try to choose exciting topics for yourself first, remembering that the perfect topic for a research essay stimulates the author to explore it deeply.

College Research Essay Topics on Psychology

  1. The effectiveness of online psychotherapy.
  2. The impact of social media on children’s behavior.
  3. The prevalent risk factors that cause depression.
  4. Do children with mental childhood traumas experience their effect in adulthood?
  5. The role of family in the effectiveness of drug-users’ therapy.
  6. The effectiveness of self-esteem issues treatment in long-term therapy.
  7. The correlation between aging and mental diseases.
  8. The impact of mental disorders on the daily routine of individuals with such diagnosis.
  9. Compare any two types of therapy and define their strengthens and weaknesses.
  10. What are the most widespread disorders of anxiety? What factors can cause them?

Good Research Essay Topics For College On History

  1. Wedding ceremonies in Ancient Greece.
  2. Nationalism causes and consequences.
  3. The history of Russia of the 19th century.
  4. Why did Hitler rise to power?
  5. Evidence of slavery in the USA.
  6. The primary technological inventions of the 19th century.
  7. The significant inventions of the 20th century.
  8. The issues of Cleopatra’s reign and the causes of her fall.
  9. The prerequisites of the Great Depression.
  10. Why did the Roman Empire fall?
  11. The witnesses of the Holocaust.
  12. The reign of Alexander the Great.

College Research Essay Topics On Chemistry

  1. How does a battery work?
  2. The impact of chemical neuroscience on people’s behavior.
  3. How do pesticides influence people’s health?
  4. Thermoelectric material peculiarities.
  5. Which chemicals can cause allergies?
  6. The history of the periodic table of elements.
  7. The synthesis of sustainable elements.
  8. The use of nanochemistry in military weapons.
  9. The areas of study of organic chemistry.
  10. How to identify isotopes?

Research Essay Topics For College On Art And Culture

  1. The approach to death and funerals in various cultures.
  2. How does the community influence a person’s level of culture?
  3. Can we consider graffiti an art?
  4. Wedding celebrations in African countries.
  5. Why does traveling inspire people?
  6. Cultural traditions of Ancient Rome.
  7. How do teenagers identify themselves with the help of music?
  8. How does art therapy work?
  9. The most significant examples of modern art.
  10. How does the legislation of death sentences affect communities?
  11. How does pop music influence teenagers?
  12. The impact of World War II on the culture of the USA.

College Research Essay Topics On Health

  1. What is the danger of genetically modified foods?
  2. The methods that stimulate parents to vaccinate their children.
  3. The history of HIV/AIDS.
  4. The changes in mental health treatment approaches through the last 20 years.
  5. The most effective ways to treat depression.
  6. The approaches to a healthy lifestyle in ancient times.
  7. The ways to maintain mental health in a big city.
  8. Examples of effective alternate medicine methods.
  9. The world’s most significant pandemics.
  10. How does the body-positive movement correlate to a healthy lifestyle?
  11. How does a vegan lifestyle correlates with health?
  12. The issues of experimental treatment.
  13. The history of palliative care.

College Research Essay Examples On Sociology

  1. Why cannot the drinking age be lowered?
  2. The issues of legal working age in different countries.
  3. Can prisons be private?
  4. Are there ethical solutions for the overpopulation issue?
  5. Does the institute of marriage have a future?
  6. Can preteens use social networks?
  7. How does spiritualism differ from religion?
  8. The difference between Generation X and Generation Y approaches in career.
  9. Which professions are still considered only for men?
  10. The interest in social media between various social groups.

Good Research Essay Topics For College On Computing And Technologies

  1. The issues of governmental control of citizens’ access to the Internet.
  2. How do modern ways of communication change the world?
  3. Is living in a technological world more positive or negative?
  4. Is the SCRUM approach still effective?
  5. Particularities of the synchronized method.
  6. Is it possible to regulate the usage of “cookies” effectively?
  7. Matlab’s revolutionary change of computer science.
  8. The role of computer technologies in the times of COVID-19.
  9. Is it possible to combine all the computing languages?
  10. How do computer virus types transform through time?
  11. How could computer technologies resolve global problems?
  12. Could self-driving cars prevent road accidents?

College Research Essay Topics On Economics

  1. The history of the European economy.
  2. The influence of gender roles on the economy.
  3. How the race of people correlates with the economy.
  4. The history of a trade embargo.
  5. The difference between public and private finance.
  6. The correlation between immigration and economy.
  7. The changes of global consumption habits after the COVID-19 outbreak.
  8. How do exchange rate changes correlate with export in the U.S.?
  9. The factors that are contributing to the global recession.
  10. The issue of demonetization tendency for small business.
  11. The ways marketing specialists nudge people to buy more.

Good Research Essay Topics For College On Biology

  1. The nature of male pregnancy among sea animals.
  2. The most effective ways to cure plant diseases.
  3. Which biology achievements were the most beneficial for people?
  4. Pros and cons of cosmetics testing on animals.
  5. The impact of drug addiction on the development of an embryo.
  6. Genetic polymorphism.
  7. How does cloning technology work?
  8. Are humans frugivorous or omnivorous?
  9. The invention of antibiotics.
  10. The mechanism of the work of vaccines.

Research Essay Topics For College On Law

  1. The history of the Talion principle in Babylonian law.
  2. The most effective ways to prevent crimes on governmental levels.
  3. The status of cybercrimes today.
  4. The phenomenon of feminist criminology.
  5. The consequences of the #metoo movement.
  6. How does intelligence correlate with the types of crimes?
  7. The ways people are driven to suicide.
  8. The principles of jury selection.
  9. The history of deadly crime penalties.
  10. Are the classical criminology theories outdated now?
  11. The legal ways to deal with harassment issues in the 1990s.
  12. The nature and prerequisites of hate crimes.
  13. The issues of modern law education.

College Research Essay Topics On Education

  1. How to motivate school pupils to study?
  2. The history of modern education.
  3. Is it effective to involve parents in the educational processes?
  4. The main ethical issues of modern education.
  5. Which college disciplines are the most difficult for students?
  6. How does emotional intelligence help teachers to educate?
  7. Is the dress code for schools necessary today?
  8. Is it essential to read books today?
  9. How did COVID-19 change the approach to distance learning?
  10. The most effective ways to prevent bullying in schools.
  11. Is private education higher quality?
  12. Why is it vital to proceed with learning after college?

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