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Beauty Definition Essay: An Interior Journey

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that it is an ever-shifting reflection of the soul of the person who looks upon any beautiful thing. Whether it be the tantalizing physical beauty of another human being, the awe-inspiring beauty of mountains rising from the earth, or the beauty found in the very essence of life itself, the soul, one truth remains: beauty exists in many forms and is one of the driving forces of human inspiration and endurance.

Beauty must be stirring to the mind and heart, for if it does not move us, how can it be considered beautiful? In her novel of intrigue The Secret History, Donna Tartt describes beauty in a memorable way. “Beauty is terror,” she writes. “Whatever we call beautiful, we quiver before it.” She goes on to describe the height of terror and beauty both as a complete loss of control, and the human mind as a blank slate while the body and soul are given to nature and the gods. This ultimate, gorgeous freedom, with the restraints of society lifted and human cares and worries dissipated under the touch of divine madness, may come with a price in the end. The question remains: What price would we pay to see beauty stripped bare before us?

The famous French philosopher Voltaire explores the changing nature of beauty with his typical brand of humor in the essay simply titled “Beauty.” Extrapolating on the concept of beauty lying with the beholder, he amusingly writes, “Ask a toad what beauty is, the to kalon? He will answer you that it is his toad wife with two great round eyes issuing from her little head, a wide, flat mouth, a yellow belly, a brown back.” Due to the relativity of beauty, Voltaire jokes at the end of his essay that he should never bother writing about beauty again, as it is impossible to define.
Beauty is many things: terror, truth, eternity. Beauty does not have a set truth; however, it does have individual truths that are a shining light in the dark.

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