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Great Recession Debate Topics for Essays and Research Papers

Economic recession is an inevitable part of humankind, as the economy is connected with human psychology. It’s human nature to strive for people’s well-being, to fight for social equity or religious beliefs, and much more. These actions lead to distress in the allocation of resources, manufacturing, and economics as a whole. Such imbalance leads to economic recession, and even to war.

The Great Recession can be compared to the Great Depression in both scale and consequence. It started in the US, and within several months, had affected nearly all countries around the world. Some economists even consider that the Great Recession isn’t over; that’s why every human on Earth should know about this event. Read our list of topics, or buy cheap essay from our professional writers.

Topics on the Great Recession in the US

  1. How could the US government prevent the Great Recession?
  2. How did the US trade relationships change after the Great Recession?
  3. Define and analyze the macroeconomic factors that influenced the 2007-2009 recession.
  4. Analyze the situation with employment and unemployment after the Great Recession in 2007-2009.
  5. Define the causes of the Great Recession in the US.
  6. Imagine that you are a chief economic adviser in the US. What strategies would you offer to overcome the Great Recession?
  7. Define the factors that slowed down America’s recession recovery.
  8. Examine the core aspects of the US economy that are underperforming.
  9. Analyze the financial situation of a particular US company that had a great loss of profit because of the recession. How could the situation be avoided?
  10. How does the Great Recession in the US differ from worldwide?
  11. Compare and contrast the economies of US and China during the Great Recession.
  12. Analyze the variables of GDP, unemployment, and deflation in the following years after the US Great Recession.
  13. Analyze the situation of General Motors before, during, and after the Great Recession in 2006-2012.
  14. Analyze the situation with the Federal Reserve System after the Great Recession.
  15. Analyze the situation with crime and tourism before and after the Great Recession.
  16. How has the Great Recession affected the housing bubble in the US?
  17. Discuss the effects of the Great Recession on the US Federal Funds Rate, inflation, monetary base, GDP, stock market, and unemployment rate.
  18. Explore the impact of the Great Recession on the utilization of US health care.
  19. Analyze the impact of the Great Recession on the US economic growth.
  20. How has the Federal Reserve Bank responded to the Great Recession?
  21. Compare and contrast the causes of the Great Depression of 1929 and the Great Recession in 2007-2009. Could the US government have prevented it?
  22. Describe the demand-side policies during the Great Recession.
  23. Did the Great Recession lead to secular stagnation? Recommend policies considering the current state of the US economy.
  24. Analyze the effectiveness of the US government’s reaction to the Great Recession by decreasing the interest rate.

The Great Recession Essay Topics: Controversial

  1. Explain the causes and consequences of the Great Recession of 2008.
  2. How did the tax rates affect the Great Recession?
  3. What role has the media played in the Great Recession?
  4. How did the American standard of living in the 1920s influenced the Great Depression and the Great Recession?
  5. Evaluate the impact of the Great Recession on workplace stress rates.
  6. Are political and economic crises the product of globalization? Describe the conclusions about the Great Recession in the context of globalization.
  7. Why did the Great Recession cause unemployment?
  8. What lessons have we learned from the Great Recession?
  9. Mortgages and foreclosures after the Great Recession.
  10. Evaluate the actions of the Federal Reserve Board during the Great Recession.
  11. How can unemployment rates influence recovery after the Great Recession?
  12. Analyze the impact of debt and fiscal stress on the local government after the Great Recession.
  13. Evaluate the implementation of fiscal and monetary policies during the Great Recession in the US.
  14. Explore the impact of the Great Recession on the US export and import activities.
  15. Evaluate the macroeconomic policies during the Great Recession.
  16. Explain why the Great Depression lasted longer than the Great Recession.
  17. Define the effect of the Great Recession on the productivity of industrialized countries.
  18. Did the recession in the US influence the decline in vehicular fatality? How?
  19. Explain what happened during the 2007-2009 Great Recession.
  20. Explore the inflation rates in countries with fixed and flexible exchange rates during the Great Recession.
  21. Analyze the Great Recession from the Classical and Keynesian macroeconomic perspectives.
  22. How did the recent recovery from the Great Recession differ from what happened after previous recessions?

Global Recession Debate Topics

  1. Analyze the connection between organizational behavior and the last global recession.
  2. Analyze the situation with the worldwide recession and strategies for heavily branded goods.
  3. Discuss the effect of the global recession on sports finance.
  4. Should we create an international financial regulatory agency to reduce the likelihood of crises?
  5. Explore the causes and consequences of economic recession in Ireland.
  6. Analyze the causes and consequences of the Colombian recession in 1995-1999.
  7. How can government policy be used to stimulate the economy after a recession?
  8. Analyze how British manufacturing management improved productivity and profitability during the 1980s and 1990s recessions.
  9. Explore the impact of new technologies on the economic recession in 2010.
  10. Analyze Greece’s recession. Is the crisis over? Why?
  11. Analyze the causes and consequences of Egypt’s recession in 2012.
  12. Stimulus versus austerity: what method is better to overcome the recession?
  13. Explore Canada’s debt over the past 30 years and the recession.
  14. How has China’s recession affected the world economy and the US?
  15. Examine the most effective strategies for manufacturers during the oil price recession in the UAE.
  16. Explore Germany’s monetary policy during the recession in 2007-2009.
  17. Analyze the recession in 1937-1938 in the history of the Federal Reserve.
  18. Define the effects of the world recession on the financial crisis in Spain.
  19. How has global demand after the Great Recession affected manufacturing in China?
  20. Analyze the success of the Canadian monetary policy to overcome the Great Recession.
  21. Analyze the effect of Nigerian intervention policies on the 2016 economic recession in Nigeria.
  22. Will the credit crunch lead to recession? Analyze this term in regards to the Great Recession.

Recession Topics: Economics

  1. Explain the economic meaning of “recession.”
  2. What monetary and fiscal policies were implemented during a recent recession?
  3. How does a recession affect trade relationships and the exchange rate?
  4. Evaluate the monetary policy of the European Central Bank during a recession.
  5. Define the impact of an economic recession on the tourism industry.
  6. Discuss how the bargaining power of management and unions may be affected by a recession.
  7. Explore how financial markets affect economic activity and increase the risk of financial crisis.
  8. How can possible financial recessions in the future be avoided?
  9. Explore the effects of a recession on the real estate market.
  10. Evaluate strategies for hastening recovery after a recession.
  11. Explain the following terms and their relation to each other: “inflation,” “recession,” “depression,” and “stagflation.”
  12. Analyze the merits and drawbacks of quantitative easing and other unconventional measures for economic recovery after a recession.
  13. Explain the role of films during the economic recession in 1930.
  14. Discuss how CSR investments may help increase sales during a recession.
  15. Define the signs before a recession. How can they be identified?
  16. Analyze the last ten recessions in the US.
  17. Analyze the trends in the Canadian money market after the recession in 2008.
  18. Explain why the rate of international trade of arms has increased despite the recession.How does an economic recession influence a nation’s well-being?
  19. Define how an economic recession affects management’s bargaining power. Which party is the most negatively affected?
  20. Explore how a global recession influences promotional activities in a particular country.

We hope that the Great Recession won’t come back, but humanity should be prepared. Explore new topics on our website and broaden your mind in various spheres of knowledge. And remember, you always can ask our service to help you with any written assignment. We are here to help you find additional time for sleep and other important things. We at EssayBulls are available 24/7 for your convenience. Buy college research paper or any other paper type here.

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