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“How can I write my college essay properly?” This is a truly eternal question. And we have an answer – if you place your order at our service, expert writers will provide you with brilliant essay samples!

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We write college essays and even more: our benefits


Affordable prices. We know that students usually have a limited budget. Thus, our pricing policy is well balanced: we provide our writers with adequate pay and offer our customers reasonable prices. In addition, the title page and bibliography page are free of charge.

Live chat. When you communicate with our support manager and our writer directly, you get necessary assistance in the blink of an eye. Make suggestions, ask questions, and control the order progress via our live chat!

24/7 online. Our company has offices all around the world. We provide our customers from different time zones with day-and-night support. Place your order right now, and we’ll start working immediately!


Big team of experts. We hire only proficient writers with vast experience in academic writing. Thanks to various educational backgrounds and qualifications, they’re able to deal with any type of college essay. A part of them is always online waiting for your orders!

Total confidentiality. Your privacy is important to us. We won’t ask you to share your name or any other personal information with us. The only thing that we need is your email to keep you informed about the order progress and send you invoices.

Original samples. Thanks to our built-in plagiarism checker, you can make sure that the writer provides you with a 100% unique essay. You can also ask for unlimited revisions if necessary.

We write college essays on any subject and any topic. Request us "can you write college essay for me?” and take advantage of all of our awesome benefits.

How to define a high-quality writing service

When you google “write my college essay,” cheap services only see the opportunity to make some money, not to help you. We offer you the following criteria to evaluate writing services and pick the most reliable one:


Nice design

The design is the first thing you see when you visit the service’s website for the first time, and you have the opportunity to evaluate it. Trustworthy companies care about their reputation. Thus, they want to make the whole ordering experience pleasant, comfortable, and understandable. If you don’t like the website, then leave it. There are plenty of user-friendly services that are ready to help you.


Reasonable prices

As we’ve mentioned above, some students might have financial difficulties. But you should never fall into the trap of cheap writing services. You’ll ask them to write a college essay, and they’ll give you an unoriginal, prewritten paper. Qualified writers don’t work for peanuts. Take into consideration your budget and choose wisely!


High-quality blog

An informative blog is a good indicator of professionalism. Even when the blog consists of three or four articles, you still have the opportunity to evaluate the quality of the content. Plus, you can get useful and interesting information from the blog. Don’t hesitate to check it out!


Positive customer feedback

Comments from real people are the best sign of a reliable service. Plus, they might help you to pick a good expert and request him or her when you place your order. Some websites have the comment section on the main page, and others have a separate category.


Helpful and timely support

When services care about their customers and demonstrate it through constant and professional support, it’s a very good feature. Sometimes, all of us have difficulties with ordering forms, doubts, and fears. If the support manager is ready to lend you a helping hand at any time of day or night, you’ve found a good service.



Writing services don’t need your personal information (except perhaps email) to cooperate with you. If they ask you to share your personal data, run away! Frauds can use this information to their advantage. And getting spam is not the only danger. So, be careful and attentive!

If the service has all these features, don’t hesitate and place your order! You can be sure that your essays are in good hands!

Why is using our service not cheating?

There is nothing wrong in asking professionals, “please, write my college paper.” The question is how you’ll use our samples. Below, you’ll find detailed instructions on how our customers can use our service legally:

  • Templates. Writing college essays can be a challenging task, especially for first-year students. You don’t know where to start from or how to structure your writing. In such cases, you can order a sample from our service on the same topic as your assignment. You’ll get an excellent example of proficient writing that will become a starting point for your own work.
  • Source of information. Our writers use only reliable sources when they compose their essays: online encyclopedias, scientific journals, non-fiction books, etc. That’s why you can use our essay samples without worrying about the validity of the information in our texts. Plus, you can take advantage of our works cited page.
  • Paraphrasing. This technique is perfect when you want to borrow someone else’s idea without plagiarizing. But be attentive: every school and college has specific rules when it comes to paraphrasing. However, paraphrasing is much easier than writing from scratch. Don’t hesitate and place your order!
  • Citing. Citing is even simpler than the previous technique. The only thing you should do is use a required formatting style. However, don’t overuse citations as your essay has to include both your unique ideas and previous studies on the topic.
  • Inspiration. Finally, the fear of the blank page is common for the writers of any qualification. You just need one good idea to start your writing. And you can find a bunch of great thoughts in samples provided by our experts.

As you see, the list of opportunities is quite long. Don’t waste another minute and fill in the ordering form by writing us “please do my college essay for me.”

Who will write my college essay?

When you need a haircut, you go to a barbershop. When you need teeth whitening, you book an appointment with a dentist. Why not apply to a professional who writes essays for money for college students when you need academic assistance? Our experts are worth your trust. They’re qualified specialists, and you have at least five reasons to apply to them right now:


Education and work experience

When we hire our writers, we check their educational backgrounds. They have to be experienced specialists in order to join our team. Every writer specializes in a particular field of study. In such a manner, our experts are ready to face any academic challenge.

Specific tests

Every applicant who wants to become a member of the EssayBulls team has to pass several tests. Firstly, they have to demonstrate their language performance. Secondly, we check their knowledge of common formatting styles (MLA, APA, Chicago). Finally, they complete a test in order to show their abilities to work and communicate with our customers properly.

Rating system

Our rating system is clear and understandable. Each writer’s rating is based on the votes of all the customers who have already cooperated with them. Thanks to this system, you have a great opportunity to pick the writer for your order based on objective evaluation.

Quality control

We care about the quality of the samples provided by our writers. Our quality control department checks writers’ works regularly. If they aren’t well written, the author gets a warning. After two warnings, the writer might be dismissed.

Bidding system

Our bidding system motivates our writers to provide material of the highest quality. The expert with a higher rating has the opportunity to put a higher price. Moreover, thanks to the bidding system, you can plan your budget more comfortably.
Stop tweeting “who will write my college essay?” Place your order at EssayBulls.com and you’ll find the right person in the blink of an eye!
Do you feel exhausted? Perhaps you feel your writing skills aren’t good enough to get a high score? Don’t worry! You’ve found the right solution for your academic problems! EssayBulls.com is the perfect place to find inspiration and help for college students. Our service provides a wide range of guarantees to make sure that our cooperation will be mutually beneficial and comfortable.

FAQ from our regular customers

Can you write my college admissions essay?

The application process can be quite stressful. Admissions essays are an indispensable part of this procedure and they affect the result of your college application. Our writers can help you to deal with this essay type at an affordable price.

What format should I pick for my college essay?

When your instructor assigns you to write a college essay, he or she specifies a required formatting style – MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard. Proper formatting affects the overall evaluation. Thus, you should stick to the required format.

How can I download my essay?

When you release your money for the whole paper, two buttons will appear on your order page. The first one serves to download your essay in DOC format, and the second one to download your essay as a PDF file.

Which writing courses can I attend to boost my current level?

A great way to improve your current status and write college essays that will impress your teachers in the right way is to attend free online courses perfect for students. All courses have relevant video learning content and are very useful for students. To get a certificate of completion, you need to attend a paid version of the courses. We recommend you to start with such classes as:

  • Secret Sauce of Great Writing (Udemy)
  • On Writing (Udemy)
  • Creative Writing Specialization (Coursera)

These courses are a safe, fast, original way to learn more writing hacks and become a better author.

Place your order now and escape from the essay labyrinth!

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