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Information about the order process

How does EssayBulls work?

Go to the How It Works page to find out how our writing site works. There, you can see explanations for our features and steps you should take to get your paper done.

What should I do with the order form?

On our site, you can find a short order form and an extended form. You can see the short order form on the main page of EssayBulls. You will get to the extended one after you fill in the brief order form and click the button labeled “Continue.” If you are a new customer, you will get a password sent to the email you indicated. You will have the opportunity to change the password as you like. In the extended order form, you should specify the deadline, add any materials that you may have, and include all of the requirements. Go to the How it Works page to learn more about the ordering process.

How can I send my materials to the writer?

While you are filling in an order form, you have the opportunity to add any material that you may have, or include a draft of your paper.

What format will you write my paper in?

You can choose any format while placing an order on our site, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. If you need a paper that should not contain references, a heading, or other features, for example, a resume, then you should select the “Not applicable” option. In this case, you will receive a paper written in a simple MS Word document.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

To change your password, go to the password reset page. There, you can reset your password easily.

Are you socially responsible?

Yes, the company is socially responsible and adheres to established general social morals and tenets. That is why we do not provide papers on some controversial topics, namely:
  • Gay marriage
  • Abortion
If an order falls under one of these controversial topics, it will be automatically cancelled.

Can I get online tests done by your writers, such as multiple choice tests, check boxes, T/F, etc?

We believe it is the responsibility of students to pass tests on their own, whether online or on paper. In terms of a multiple choice test or any other kind of online tests, it is quite difficult to assess how a writer of ours would do on one.
If you have ordered us to complete an exam, it will be automatically cancelled. Including orders to complete tests, do not share any personal information with us. It can compromise your own security and possibly your standing in your educational institution.

Order completion

When will my paper be completed?

You will choose the deadline for your paper while filling in the order form. Each paper is completed on time. If you intend to change the deadline into a shorter one, make sure the writer knows about it and can write your paper earlier.

How will I get a completed paper?

After you pay the full amount of the order, you can receive your paper either in an MS Word document or in a PDF file. You can choose one of the options by clicking the corresponding buttons in your account.

How do I complete my initial order requirements?

You can change details of your order, such as the title, the number of pages, and your instructions. To do this, you need to click the “Edit order details” button on the order page. Keep in mind that the writers’ bids will be outdated if you change the deadline, the title, or the number of pages. If you have already assigned a writer, you can’t alter initial instructions. The writer will stick to the initial requirements.

What if I don’t like the completed paper?

If such a situation happens, we recommend communicating with the writer while the order is in progress. The chat option will help you. Keep in mind that after you release the entire amount of money and the order gets the “Finished” status, you can’t receive revisions. At the same time, you can place an order asking for rewriting or editing services.

What are editing and rewriting services?

Editing and rewriting services are the most helpful services if you have a draft or whole paper that needs to be improved. If you decide to use this option, you need to upload the initial text. In this way, the content of your paper will be changed. The paper will also be formatted appropriately and proofread. The material may be changed up to 25-30% while editing. While rewriting, the content may be changed up to 70%.

What is listing an order as featured?

Listing an order as featured is an option that helps you to attract more writers and, as a result, find the best professional. This option is carried out by presenting your order on the top of available orders. You may buy this service at $4.95 while the order has the “bidding” status.

Information about writers

Where is your company located and where are your writers from?

Our company is based in Cyprus. Our writers are from different countries, both from English-speaking and non-English speaking locations. If you have specific desires about a writer’s location, you can ask him or her in chat.

Have all writers on the site passed the tests?

All of our writers are experienced in specific fields of study. The writers pass through special tests to make sure they are ready to help students. The easiest way to make sure our writers are professionals is to check customers’ testimonials. While selecting a writer, consider his or her rating, customer feedback, and fields of knowledge.

How is each writer’s rating calculated?

The rating system was created to help students make the right decision and to induce writers to work better. It is calculated according to the votes of previous customers. Look at the number of completed orders to see how many ratings the writer has gained.

What are the writers’ awards?

Like writers’ ratings, awards induce writers to perform better. We have implemented different types of awards. Also, you can see how many times a particular writer received awards. You can learn more information if you visit our pages: Our Top Writers and Ratings and Awards

What is a writer’s warning?

We have a quality assurance team which checks each writer’s work. If the writer doesn’t stick to the deadline, provides a customer with a plagiarized paper, inappropriately communicates with a customer, or in case of other serious issues, he or she may get a warning. The writer’s employment will be terminated if there is no improvement from his or her side.

Payment, plagiarism, confidentiality

Is submitting payments through your site safe?

You can pay for your order safely and simply: either you load money to your account and then pay for the paper, or pay from the order page.

How are payments implemented, and what is your money back guarantee?

On our site, the customer decides when he or she will pay the writer. Our advice is to release payments for each finished part. By the way, you need to release the final amount only after you are fully satisfied with the order, as no revisions will be made after that.
Depending on the paper’s length and urgency, the writer will receive payments in several parts. For example, if the deadline is more than 48 hours and the length of the paper is 3 pages, there will be 3 payment parts, so that you will pay for each page. Remember that the payment can be split a maximum of 5 times. For example, if the length of the paper is 25 pages, the writer will get paid for every 5 pages. However, we have another payment system for urgent orders: if the length of the paper is 2 pages or longer, the writer will get payments twice. Beyond a 1-page order, the writer will get payments twice whatever the deadline.
If you click the “Release” button, the writer will get the payment. As you can see, after that the money will not be refunded or reimbursed. If you want to know more information, check out the Refund Policy page.

Do you have discounts?

Keep in mind that we have the right balance between fair wages for writers and affordable prices for customers. We try not to interfere with the bidding process and let it run on a free market basis. We don’t offer lower rates on a selective basis, but always affordable prices for each customer.

How can I be sure that my paper is unique?

On our site, you can check your paper through special plagiarism detection software as many times as you like. Our customers can use it absolutely for free. Our advice is to check each part of the paper completed by the writer and let him or her know if some parts should be changed.

Is your service confidential?

Our service is fully confidential, as we never pass your personal information to third parties. Even your writer will not know your data. We always take care of our customers’ privacy. You can learn more if you visit our Confidentiality Policy page.

Can I charge my money back from my account?

Yes, you can. When you decide to get your money back, the sum is withdrawn from your account. If you charge back more than you have on your balance, all your orders are automatically canceled.

How can I delete the account?

You have the opportunity to delete your account any time you want. If you decide to get rid of your account, you won’t be able to restore it. Our support team will not be able to restore it as well. You will have to create a new account if you want to use our service again.

What will happen to the order if the payment is charged back?

The amount that you charge back from your account will be withdrawn from your balance on EssayBulls. The orders which are in progress will be canceled if the amount you charge back is larger than the amount within your balance. If you get in such a situation, contact our support team to solve this problem.

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